Still home. It was my dads birthday today, so we went up to reading to spend the day with him. I baked him some muffins and did them up in a pretty box with a card. I like making present. For one it’s so much cheaper than buying, and it’s really satisfying to make something and give it to someone.

We then went to see the movie Horrible Bosses, which was very funny. It’s a movie about three guys who hate their bosses and then decide that it would be better if they were all dead. Hilarity ensures.

I’ve been to the movies quite a lot lately, well, that was my third in a couple of weeks. First, Green Lanturn, then bridemaids, and no Horrible Bosses. Movies are good, and entertaining.

I bought myself a present. A very nice sourcebook by the name of Anima: Beyond Fantasy. It’s a very pretty book and the reviews of it I’ve read says it’s a really good system as well. So I get to read and play/run that at some point. Things to do things to do, and maelstrom is so close and then straight after that I have to move into my new house. Busy times!