I would call myself an aspiring writer, but one piece of advice that I got given was to never call oneself that, since you only aspire to write if you do not write. And considering I have both a blog and several writing projects on the go, I definitely do write. So I will choose the word unpublished as the better one to describe me.

For four years I’ve been a participant NaNoWriMo, and an on-off one of Camp NaNo. I have three novels that I could consider to be active projects, a couple of the back burner as it were, and several more ideas that haven’t been release from the vaults of my imagination. I’m currently building up a portfolio of work, and going for for competitions and open submission anthologies. I haven’t had anything published yet, but it’s a rite of passage to get a thousand no’s before that on golden yes, or so I’ve been told.

Writing and Stories

101 Theme Challenge


100 Theme Challenge (In Progress)

Current Novels:

Mechanica Awakening: 2nd Draft – In Progress

Archmage: 4th Draft  – In Progress

Black Dawn: Plot Revision – In Progress

Eidetic: 1st Draft – On Hold

Planned Novels:

  • Court of Ice
  • Supernatural
  • Fading Shifts
  • Chaos Mage
  • Shadow Rock
  • Blank Charm
  • DNA Key
  • Crossing Realms

(Note: This list is not exhaustive since I have loads of ideas which have not been fully fleshed out or named yet)


In April 2015, I undertook the A to Z Blogging Challenge with the theme Fantasy Writing. Here are the posts I wrote, from A to Z.

A – Authors     B – Beats

C – Characters     D – Dialogue

E – Elements     F – Fantasy

G – Genres     H – Heroines, Heroes & Heroics

I – Imagination     J – Jargon

K – Kingdoms     L – Legends

M – Magic     N – Narration

O – Opposition     P – Plot

Q – Quest     R – Research

S – Supernatural     T – Timeline

U – Undecided     V – Violence

W – World Building     X – Xanadusim

Y – Yearbook     Z – Zeal