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I’m one of those people who has very little idea what they’ll be doing in the next month, maybe six months, let alone in one, two or five years (it’s my most hated question in an interview).

I hope that my doctor’s appointment at lunch today goes well and we can sort out a plan for how to deal with my low iron reserves (read anemia).

Tomorrow I shall be going up to Manchester, so I hope that I have a good morning at work, and that we then make excellent time whilst traveling, since it’s going to 4-5 hour journey anyway.

I hope that I have fun this weekend in Manchester at the Spring National that I am attending.

Little over a week away from Easter break, which also involves empire, and I am so looking forward to the first event of the year.

In three months I shall be moving out of my current house and into a new one with my boyfriend, I hope that we find a nice place within our budget which is near to our friends for socializing purposes.

I hope that I will be able to renew my contract when it runs out in July, or find another job here because it’s lovely and I like my co-workers.

A dream for the future is to become a web developer, and have a job which I like and doesn’t stress me out to much and feels very fulfilling (I’m asking a lot, I know).

I dream of traveling to various places in the world, I really want to go to Yellowstone park, and I’d love to go on a tiger sanctuary tour.

I dream of becoming a published writer, this one would be really good to achieve and is probably the one closet to home at the moment, since I am working on my novel right now.


I guess I do have some dreams. I’m doing lots of little things to work towards them, but I think as long as I continue to work towards them, then that’s all good.

And that concludes this 30 Day challenge. It only took me three times as long as it should.

Next up: AtoZ in April.

When I first read this I thought it was going to be hard, but then I had a second though and realised that it really wasn’t. The person who inspires me the most is my mother.

My mum has just won at life, in my opinion. She always wanted to retire early, wich could have happened in two years time. However, the company she works for (and has worked for for decades) is going through some changes and her position has been made redundant. However, because she has decided to take voluntary redundacy rather than trying to stick it out, she’s getting basically what amounts to two years of her salary from being made redundant – so basically she gets to retire two years early. And her last day of work? Three weeks before her wedding.

Which brings me to the next point, she’s also won at love, although she did take the long route in my opinion. She finally found a fantastic man who makes her happy and smile and who is great around the houe, likes pretty much the same things that she does and who is excited to spend any and all inheritence I and my brothers might get on long trips around the world.

And this is after divorcing my dad when I was 7, so raising two kids on her own, one of whom had special needs. But considering how we’ve turned out, I’d say she did a fantastic job of it. I certainly think I am a well rounded and useful memory of society (most of the time).

She’s fun, and enjoys spending time with me, and is always there as a shoulder to cry on when I need it, someone to complain to when venting needs to happen, and someone to celebrate my accomplishments with, and enthuse about girly things to as well (lots of talk about dresses and wedding things recently).

I hope that if i ever have kids I turn out to be as cool and wonderful as my own mum at it.

Well that’s a bit broad.

Does something mean an activity, a food, a hobby, a job, a…I could go on but I won’t.

Well I enjoy roleplaying, obviously, and I enjoy writing and fantasy, but these are likes which if you have read this blog or know me at all you will know about.

Dragons is something I like, but I don’t think enjoy is the right verb to use in that context.

Something I enjoy, which isn’t obvious and not something I have mentioned before. I’ve mentioned lying in before, I am sure.

I’m pretty damn sure I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy sushi (went over the weekend for a birthday celebration, so tasty!).

Oh, I’ve got it. Sets. I enjoy sets and collecting sets of things. This isn’t to say I have an obssession with buying anything in a set, but if there is something I like, and there are others in a set then I will probably make efforts to achieve them.

This applies to all sorts of things, stationary a lot of the time (I can never just have the folder, I have to have the folder, the notebook, the pencil case and the pens), jewelery as well (I recently spent a lot of effort acquiring a bracelet to complete my set of turtle jewelry from accessorize because the bracelet had gone out of stock whilst I wasn’t looking, ebay for the win here), books and series of books (i hate missing volumes, even if you wouldn’t notice from my bookshelf) and other more subtle things like having one of every colour, which currently applies to the origami flowers on my desk (every time I see a sheet of paper in a colour I don’t have i purloin a sheet and make an origami flower for the collection).

There is just something about a matching set that gives me great inner joy. Sometimes it makes shopping expensive, but we all have our little (or large) quirks.

In broad terms, the cause I support and will always support is cancer. I lost my best friend at the age of 15 to bowel cancer, and recently my grandmother had a bout of skin cancer that was thankfully operable, so she’s currently fine.

I know there are lots of different factors surrounding cancer so whilst i do support cancer as a whole, I also focus on certain bits, particularly agencies that enable suffers to ontinue to live at home rather than in the hospital (Iain Rennie was the charity organisation that helped my friend in particular) but also the charities that provide support. MacMillian is the big one there.

I think that’s something I should plan to do in the future, a race for life event. All about cancer and you’re encouraged to wear pink, which was my friend’s favourite colour. Excuse me while I go and look up the next one in my area, and then see if it’s feasible for me to do. I do hate running on principal, but I like supporting a good cause more. Probably.

My bed. Without a doubt, my bed.

Comfy, snuggly, warm, and where given a chance I will probably be there an given weekend morning (and weekdays morning where work is not happening).

I my bed I sleep, and I doze, and I have the most wonderful dreams, which often fuel my creative thoughts for the next day or two. My dream last night was about saving an endangered monkey, but one of the people who I thought was helping me wanted to eat him. My dreams are fantastical like that.

Snuggling also takes place in my bed, late night chats with a wide variety of topic from the daily life to the silly. Last night was all about trying to guess where I quoting from. There was a facepalm when he realised the answered which was amazing.

But most of all it is warm, and I hate getting out of it in the mornings. It also keeps the monsters from snatching at my ankles during the night. Yes, I do believe in monsters under the bed. I can’t be genre savvy and not 😛

Well, this tells you how good I am at keeping to these things. March now it is, but at least I haven’t forgotten it. And the tablet during lunch hour makes everything so much better.

Song’s don’t really remind me of people per se. Songs remind me of characters, books, or something like that. For instance, Starships by Nikki Minaj always reminds me of a web comic called Magellan. Shake it up by Florence and the Machine is for Gunnerkrigg Court, also a web comic.

Any song by Linkin Park usually takes me to my Pirate character, for the themes of revolution. Strangely, any song in a differnet language takes me to Willow, my first character. don’t know why,  but it might be because a lot of the foreign songs I have are also metal esque and that fits in with her twisted bad-ass-ness.

So yeah, there’s a few off the top of my head. There are many more, but I would have to listen to my iPod, and singing along at the top of my voice is not appropriate in a quiet work office.

Oooh, who to pick, who to pick. Well I did one of them already, so I shan’t do him already….

Let’s see, this person is:

  • One of the best listeners I know
  • Great hugger
  • Good for an evening of relaxing and fun
  • Cat lover
  • Avid roleplayer

And some other reasons that I just can’t put into words.

Looking at you Fay&Hannah! (Yes I know that’s two people, but they are one entity!)

Well I have no idea what a bucket list actually is, so excuse me a moment whilst I go and google this term….

A bucket list: A list of things that you would love to do before you kick the bucket. May or may not have existsed before the film.

So something I want to do before I die. I can think of a couple of things that I would like to do, but I think the one that I would put at the top of my list is get my book (any book that i have written or have yet to write) published. And I want to go the more traditional route of finding a publishers rather than self publishing, which may be the harder option but it’s the one I want to do. I’m in the process of editing one novel at the moment, and hopefully in a few edits time I might be ready to start submitting it or at least taking it to writing conferences. Tangentally I would also like to go to a writing conference/seminar at some point.

Other things on this list involve going places. For instance I would love to visit yellowstone park, that’s probably number two. And scube dive/snorkel somewhere exoitic, maybe australia. Somewhere with warm water anyway.

Some more adrendaline rushes would be good as well. I wonder where the world’s longest zipwire is located, hmmm.

So whilst my list might not be packed and I do have a few things that I definately want to do. Oooh, create my own stunning outfit is one that I have completed, see my empire costume. Hand made that is 🙂

Does this have to be someone I know or can it be a famous person? Because all of my friends and family have thier moments of comedy, where they say something and I split my sides laughing, but none of them stand out above the rest.

Comedians I like are Dara O’Brian and Russell Howard. I first saw both of them on Mock the Week and love thier sense of humour, Dara with his irishness and Russell just because he’s genuinly funny to me. I do love Good News as well, and I want to see them live but the one time there was a gig in Norwich I didn’t have the money for it *sad face*.

Still I have thier DvD’s, but it would be nice to see some new material. Knowing the end of the joke does spoil it ever so slightly, so I usually wait a while between watching repeats so that everything can be funny all over again.

I do have new DvDs to watch. not comedy ones, but all about the earth’s different climates! I am such a nerd sometimes.

Since it’s a Tuesday, I’ll take week to be the last seven days rather than Calendar week, because Monday was a Monday and today waking up was hard.

Over the weekend though was the 24 hour roleplay which gamessoc hosts every year. It was awesome, and I got to play Aphelion (a homebrew sci fi system) and tagged onto the end of the Icons superhero game, as well as some cool mafia games and I made a treasure hunt that people enjoyed, and there was ascension. Only bad thing was that Princess: The Hopefull didn’t go ahead because two of our players left early for various reasons. Although when I say early I mean like 3am early. I stayed til 10am, making my stint 22 hours long. I did have a nap, but I know what I am like, I am a sleepy creature.

We’ll run princess another time, and I’, currently designing my princess outfit, which involves rainbows. So many rainbows. Gonna be good.

But yes, I had a very fun time over the weekend, even crashing out afterwards was nice because I like taking naps during the day. Hate mising out on the sunlight, but I like sleeping. I am a contradictory creature as well.

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