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The Battle of Alhambra

Finally the gates swung open, and the armies could start moving out from the city. It was easy to see the Queens at the front, Wands and Swords, not quite next to each other. Of course the swords wanted to charge ahead, it was clear to see in the way they restrained themselves, matching the pace of the wands, who were marching forward in a determined sort of way.

Alex rolled her shoulder, her broadsword still strapped to her back. No reason to draw it until the fighting was about to start, and it was much more out of the way there than if she carried it, given how many people were packed into this army.

Her hand just brushed the back of the women walking next to her, and their eyes briefly flicked towards each other, meeting for a bare second, before returning forward. Even though they were going into a fight that they expected to be bigger than anything they had faced before, Alex wasn’t too worried. She was at her side, just like she always was, and that was enough to quell most of the unsettlement she felt.

Of course it wasn’t just the two armies out here, all of the remaining Queendoms had gathered. Cups, Hearts, Diamonds, Pentacle, Spades and Clubs were all around too, although somewhat scattered. Clubs were mostly at the back, along with a good number of Pentacles, setting up field hospitals. Fighters from the other courts were interpreted with the two main armies, as well as a rear guard manning the walls of Alhambra. They didn’t have many catapults, but archers could get quite a range from up there.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a mixed group of people, skirting along one of the edges of the field. Probably a skirmishing group, but it caught her eye as she recognised a fellow courtier – they’d only joined last night. Alex hadn’t been watching the circle particularly, more interesting in spending the evening with friends and lovers, and kicking her rival from the swords into the dirt once more, but she did know that a princess of hearts had apparently had a change of heart and come to join them. What a time to join, but, if they felt that wands was the right place for them, then Alex welcomed them.

The Queens had stopped, not too far away from them now, and the armies were starting to form up in a long line, stretching across the field for the better part of a mile. Alex took up her position at the front, her lover by her side. Unslinging her sword from her back, she felt the familiar grip in her hands as she watched the rolling mass of darkness stop a distance away, and then fall away from the centre as a women, a queen even, stepped out from the dark.

Alex frowned, as she felt a warm touch on her hand. She looked over at her love, and took the hand off her sword, interlacing their fingers together and squeezing slightly. She was still concerned about the Queen that seemed to be opposing them. She could see her own Queen’s face, and it looked thunderous. They weren’t quite close enough to hear what was being said, but from the way people were reacting, and the slightly smug smile of the opposing Queen, it wasn’t too hard to guess.

Reluctantly, she let her lover’s fingers go, gripping her sword again as her lover swung her spear round into a ready position as well. This was the worst part, as the moments stretched out a little more, the tension in the line growing. Looking over at the wall of darkness, Alex could see that it was less of a single wall, and more of heaving mass of shadowy creatures, all piling on top of one another, forming and disappearing, a constant writhing mass. Her hands tightened on her sword, the leather of the hilt creaking slightly as she did so.

A single tutting noise spread out across, overlaying any other noise despite it not being a loud sound. And the opposing Queen turned away, walking back into that wall of darkness. As soon as she disappeared, the wall broke, creatures bursting out of it, charging straight at the armies. Alex brought her sword up in a great arc, cleaving through the first hellhound that had come charging towards them, kicking it’s head away as it started to disintegrate, the body fading away in the grass. But Alex didn’t have time to think about it, as more creatures were already besetting them.

The battle seemed to pass by in flashes. Hard slogs through dozens of creatures punctuated by quick stops to catch the breath, before diving back in again. Falling back again for a quick breath, she swiped her hand across her face, wiping away the blood. A passing healer laid a hand on her shoulder, stripping off the most recent wounds. She gave them a nod of thanks, before looking around for her lover. A flash of the spear drew her attention, and she saw that her lover was currently engaged with one of the larger monsters, almost troll like in appearance. Her lover was quick, just keeping ahead of the troll’s heavy blows, but it was not going well for her. Charging in, Alex used a passing dog as a stepping stone, jumping off that onto the back of the troll, plunging her sword straight through its neck, the momentum of the leap taking her forward. Keeping a grip on the sword, she sheared it through half the neck, landing next to her lover as she twisted the spear round, hitting it so the last part of skin still holding the head on ripped, and the creature slumped over, ebbing away into nothingness as the two of them plunged back into the fighting.

It was exhausting, mentally and physically. All the bodies of the darkspawn, as they had come to be called, were ebbing away, leaving only the bodies of fellow nobles on the floor. Even though they were killing these things, the evidence in front of their eyes made it hard to believe, especially when there was no end to them. Once again she was wiping the blood from her face, stilling for a moment between the fights as she looked around, taking stock of the field.

There were so many dead, and her Queen was growing, dark clouds gathering overhead, different from the darkness which still loomed like a wall over all of them. Alex had to turn and slay a few more darkspawn before something else caught her attention. Over all of the field, the corpses were shimmering, pale spectres rising up from them, and drifting towards the city. She blinked in confusion, before she spotted the Queen of Cups, leaving the field, heading back to the city. Alex felt anger and bile rising up in her throat as the ghosts and cups left them, but that was nothing compared to the fury that she felt course through her next, as a shattering scream broke through the air.

Alex turned her head just in time to see her Queen, now gigantic in size, sprout a pair of glowing wings, electricity crackling from them and her sword, which she raised up into the thunderous sky. A bolt of purple lightning crashed down, striking the blade, and the blast that it created swept over the battlefield, hurling everything backwards, noble and darkspawn.

Things broke, she could feel that much as she landed in the mud. She noticed the mud was warm on her neck, that was odd. Oh, of course, it was blood that was soaking through the earth right now, not rain. Her sword was still in her hand, although she wasn’t gripping it anymore. It was hard to really concentrate, part of her knew that she was dying. She was tougher than most, but even if she hadn’t been fighting for hours, that explosion from her Queen would have been hard to shrug off. And there was that scream, that terrible, awful scream, still ringing in her ears, singing of loss and anger and vengeance.

A movement in the corner of her eye. She turned her head, and could see her lover, getting up onto her hands and knees, coming over to her. That was good, Alex would hate to see them die, although she guessed that was unfair, considering that they would have to watch her die instead.

There were tears in her eyes as she leaned over, mouthing words at her, but Alex couldn’t hear anything apart from the scream. And there was this tugging sensation, not quite a physical one, but the storm, crackling with purple lightning, surrounding the massive figure of her Queen, was pulling at her. The sword she still loosely held was starting to crackle as well, tiny purple sparks running up and down its length.

Her lover looked terrified. Alex felt so bad, she tried to bring her hand up to touch her face. It’s fine, she wanted to say. If this is where it ends, then that’s okay. She thought back to last night – she hadn’t slept for half the night, staying awake, watching her lover as she had slumbered in her arms, just so peaceful and right. I spent my final time here with you, she tried to speak. I got to spend my life with you. I love you, and it’s alright.

Her lover looked up, and Alex could turn her head slightly to see the Queen from earlier, someone she now recognised as the Queen of Many Courts. She was looking down at the pair of them, a sad sort of smile on her face. A couple more tears splashed down, and Alex could see their mouths moving, and a sense of dread starting in her stomach.

No, don’t. Whatever you’re thinking, don’t. Please, don’t do anything stupid. She reached up with her hand, managing to touch her face. Her lover caught the hand, her grip betraying her panic as she looked down at Alex again, and then back up to the Queen.

It’s not worth it. Whatever price you’re paying, it’s too much, I’m not worth it, please…don’t.

She knew she wasn’t speaking, but she was praying that the words might find her, even as something pulled on her soul, and she screwed up her eyes in pain.

When she opened them again, the Queen was there, leaning over her, one finger extended out. Alex flicked her eyes back to her lover, wide and panicked, looking at their tear-stained face.

What did you do?

Then the Queen touched her, and it all went black.

Not Writing

not-writingIt’s weird. I’ve haven’t really written anything since the start of the year. Well, that’s not technically true – I haven’t written any fiction since that start of the year. I have been writing a lot, mostly masters work, as I mentioned in the first post of the year. Two pieces of work were handed in in January, I’ve got an essay on Open Access due in this month, the dissertation is ongoing and I’m just starting to sink my teeth into the literature review, and the other piece of coursework is ongoing, ending with a 3,000 words reflective report that is going to reference and build on weekly exercises we’re doing alongside the lectures. So, actually, there is a lot of writing, but none of it has been fiction.

It’s kind of weird so far. And, yes, there is something of a feeling that I am less of a writer than I was last year because I am not writing at the moment. But, on the other hand, it’s a conscious decision because I have something which I consider more important at the moment, and it’s not like I’m giving up writing forever – I’m just not engaging with it at the moment in favour of something else. But brains and feelings are funny places, and just because I know that I will pick it back up towards the end of the year when all this masters work is done and out the way, doesn’t stop me from feeling a little bit remorseful about it.

It’s not like I can’t write either, but a lot of my spare time and almost all of my energy is going on the masters, and energy is something that I have in short supply (stupid anaemia -_-) so even if I do find a spare half hour here or there, my brain usually isn’t in the mood to do anything other than spacing out. And yes, you should force yourself to write even when you don’t want to, but I also need to not burn out, so I am making sure that when I’m not working on the masters, the time is spent wisely, either just relaxing or napping or doing something that doesn’t require brain power because I’ve spent it all. Me rambling on like this is mostly just me trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t feel guilty for not writing. Also partly because a lot of my short fiction ends up on here, and if I don’t write then there is a slight lack of things to post here. Although I do have an idea to photograph all the dragons in my study and show them to you, which is something that won’t take a lot of time, but since there are a lot of them, would probably need to be spread out over several posts. I should really work on that. And I vaguely have the idea of finding another theme challenge to do flash fiction with, as those don’t tend to take a lot of time, and they are good for just keeping up with it on the side.

Also I do have to admit, right now everything is competing against the new Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild game for my attention. It came out on Friday in the UK, and I am in love with the console and the game. I don’t even care how many times I’ve died, it is a beautiful game and I am so in love with it and all I want to do is play it and play it some more. I really didn’t get much coursework done over the weekend, I’ll confess.


Unusual Dragon Hoards

It’s a Monday morning, and in an effort to make myself smile, I went and discovered (well, re-discovered) a whole bunch of picture that never fail to make me smile. Artist IguanaMouth has a whole section of their Tumblr devoted to unusual dragon hoards, and here are a couple of my favourites, in an effort to spread the smiles around on a Monday morning.

Absolutely go and check out the Tumblr page, because there are many, many more. And all of them are great.

These also might be inspiration if I ever get to play in a Beast game. You can totally play a dragon with a hoard in there, and I would love to have an unusual hoard. I even have the start of some of these hoards!

Princess 2017

My usual apologies for the lack of posting. This time it was a combination of coursework being due in on the 16th (got both pieces in before they were due, score me) and as soon as I had handed them in, I came down with that rather nasty cold/plague that’s been doing the rounds. Two weeks later and I’m still coughing and sniffling, and I do wish my lungs would start working properly sometimes soon.

However, it has been a busy year so far. Mostly coursework and gaming, with extra gaming since the coursework got handed in (I’ve been playing a lot more video games since then, there was this kind of cool indie one called Stories: Paths of Destiny, and I’ve started Skyrim for the first time ever rather than just watching other people play). Including a Princess crossover game where the two groups actually got to meet up and tackle a really big problem that was kind of threatening to literally rain monsters down on our cities. We tackled it, although it wasn’t easy – I play a front line fighter who has such good defences they are near impossible to badly hurt, and I nearly ended up bleeding out. Although the giant monster did eat me a little bit.

d10-diceI really love this tabletop game (and there’s another session tonight, hooray!), and a lot of stuff has happened since we started playing. I’ve gotten a much better handle on my character, they’ve gone through a court change, and a name change associate with that, and they are currently exploring their own gender identity, transitioning from female to non-binary as I explore them and how they actually act and feel about that area. It’s something that I might have mentioned before, but I see a lot of parallels to writing, because it is telling a story, and telling it over such an extended period of time actually helps to build in these character arcs as I get to build on them with each game rather that it just happening all at once. That, and I love this character so much, it’s really nice to just sit down and play them and have all the terrible things that our GM loves to throw at us happen – the biggest external plot they’ve got going on right now is that someone from a past life (probably past lives, they seem to have encountered each other quite a lot) has shown up again and is being a bit weird around Aegis, who isn’t exactly sure she can trust anything they say given which court they are in. It’s beautiful drama.

And because I love it so much, I’ve started writing fan fiction about it. I call it fan fiction, but since it’s my character in a game I play in, I’m not sure that’s an entirely accurate term, but you know what I mean. So, here’s a little extract of that.


 “Come on,” Aegis held their hand out to Keres, looking down at the other princess as they detransformed, their shirt corners settling down over slightly worn out jeans.

Keres sniffed as she looked up, a slightly confused look on her face as she gazed at the hand that was still extended out to her. Aegis wiggled their fingers, obviously expecting the hand to be taken. There were a few more moments of hesitation, as if Keres couldn’t quite believe that it was suddenly this simple, after so much resistance, but then she reached out, and Aegis pulled her to her feet.

Keeping the hand in their own, Aegis started walking down the street.

“Where are we going?”

“Back to my place. Just a small diversion first.”

There was a tiny frown still on her face as they walked through the city, eventually coming up to a school just as the bell rang out. Soon after floods of kids poured out of the doors, joining the various parents who were waiting outside for them.

“Luca!” The last ‘a’ was elongated as a short person with a long flying ponytail came blasting out of the door and leapt at Aegis.

Aegis easily caught her in their arms and lifted them up in a big hug, “Hey small one. Good day?”

“We got to play with keyboards in music class! Who’s that?”

“That?” Aegis followed the glance to look over at Keres, “That’s one of my friends whose coming to dinner tonight.”

Imogen looked at Aegis and blinked, “You never have friends over.”

“First time for everything.”

“Can we still have fish fingers?”

Aegis looked back over their shoulder again, “You like fish fingers?”

Keres opened her mouth and then shrugged, “Sure.”

“Yay!” Imogen wriggled out of Aegis’ arms and dropped to the floor, immediately going over and inserting her hand into Keres’ as she struck up conversation about her day.

Aegis came the other side of her and took the other hand, walking out of the school with an easy smile on their face as they listened, occasionally commenting, on the small one’s school day.

The flat was on the third floor of the block, as Aegis took out a key and unlocked the front door.

“Who’s home?”

“Me,” A slightly apathetic voice came from the sofa, and Aegis walked over and smiled.

“You go to sleep now and you’ll never get any rest tonight.”

“But I’m exhausted! My P.E. teacher effing sucks.”


“I didn’t swear!”

“Effing is hardly enough of a diversion from the word you were going to say. Come on, up. You’ll need to share the sofa tonight.”

Jake rolled up and over, his uniform rumpled from where he had collapsed on the sofa, and blinked in surprised as he spotted the other person in the flat.

“Whatever,” he grumbled, but shuffling over to free up some space on the sofa.

“Have you got homework?”


“The only person who gets punished by your incomplete homework is you.”

He grumbled again, then pulled his bag towards him and flipped out a book onto the table, pen in hand as he slumped over and started scrawling.

Time passed them by, food was cooked and then demolished, even if there was a tiny incident with peas. Soon enough the evening had gone, without a call from Aegis’ fellow princesses for once, and they came out of the bedroom which they had just ushered their siblings into, closing the door quietly.

Keres looked at them, like she was expecting them to say something, but they didn’t as they walked over and sat down on the floor, leaning back on the sofa before dragging a pad towards them and flipping to a new page of paper.

There was a few minutes of scratching, before Keres broke the silence.

“So what was this?”

“Hm? It was dinner. Admittedly simple, I’m not the best cook in the world.”

“No, I mean. You’ve never given any indication that you trust me, and suddenly, you’re letting me into your home? Letting me meet your siblings? I mean, I guess you had some, but you’ve never given anything away about them, and suddenly here I am.”

Aegis continued to write as they looked down at the paper, “You needed it.”

“What makes you think that?”

Their lips twitched up into that trademark not-quite-a-smile, “The collapsing and sobbing wasn’t enough?”

“I was not sob- wait,” she looked at the back of their head, the short blond hairs still in disarray, “You remember, don’t you?”

There was a pause from them this time, “More than I’ve been letting on. Not as much as you claim to. But some things, like how you could sometimes lose your grip.”

“On what?”

Aegis finally turned their head to look at her, “Reality. Tonight was supposed to help ground you. Remind you that’s it’s not all princess business and there is a world here. Sometimes I think you forget that.”

Keres reached out, stretching her fingers out to gently touch Aegis’ cheek.

“Do you trust me?”

Aegis looked at her, those grey eyes boring into her, “I hope I can.”

She sighed, and let herself fall over on the sofa, hand trailing around to the back of Aegis’ head, playing with the short hairs at the nape of their neck.

“I’ll take it.”

She could almost hear the lips twitch up again.


2016 Accountability Post

So, another year come and gone. In wider world news, not a particularly good year considering. Close to home in my own little world bubble, things look much better. But, the new year is a good time for reflection, and I did have some goals for last year, so let’s see how I got on with those.


Reading Resolution #1 – Read a book a week, or rather 52 in a year. How far did I get? 11/52.

Reading Resolution #2 – A 12 item reading challenge. Of the 11 books I did read, I hit four of the challenges I would say. After deciding that one book can only count for one challenge. (If you’re interested, the four I managed were: A book published this year; A book I can finish in a day; A book chosen by my BFF; and A book I’ve read once before)

Yeah, I realise that it’s not many considering what I set out to do. Honestly, it sort of all came to a stop pretty early on in the year. I set out to do the Reading Ahead Challenge (rainbow style), but only got about halfway through the green book before things petered out and I never finished that book, let alone the challenges I had set myself.

Why? Busy year. I’ve got a job, a masters, a social/gaming life, but most of all, I think I didn’t read so much because I was concentrating on writing. Quite a lot actually. Which leads on to the other resolution/challenge I was trying to accomplish in 2016.


I joined a 365K club, which meant writing 1,000 words every day, or rather 365,000 in the year. How did I end up doing on that? 356,000 words.

Yeah, I know. Considering how little away from the goal I was, and the fact that I didn’t actually do much writing over the Christmas break, it is a tiny bit disappointing. Entirely my own fault, but, actually, I did learn a lot from doing it.


I managed to write every day from January 1st to June 4th. June 5th was the first day I didn’t write a word, and that’s pretty good going. But as you can see from the summary, I was a bit up and down after April (and April was largely boosted by taking part in the A to Z challenge). NaNoWriMo in November also helped, but about halfway through the year I sort of lost the steam a little bit.

Half of the point of the challenge is to write every day, and I’ve sort of learnt, that although I write a lot more now than I did at the start of the year, it’s not always writing itself that I do. I mean, of course that’s the aim, but I often do a lot of re-reading, thinking up new plots, re-imagining chapters and sections, and of course editing. All of which I think are part of the writing process, but don’t exactly lend themselves to a word count. (For instance, right now I’m trying to work out whether an alternate idea I had for Archmage is better than the one I’ve got currently. Major edits are so much fun to play around with, this one could change the entire third part/book.)

I’m also bad at habit forming. I wrote every day for 5 months, yet come the end of the year, I certainly think about my writing everyday. Opening up the document and putting the words down? Not so much. Especially when most of my free time is being devoted to the master’s degree, and that’s a heck of a lot of work.

But, focusing on writing so much was fun. And I certainly have a lot more words now that I did at the start of the year. It was good, even if it was challenging. But I have learnt a bit more about myself, and how I write, and that’s very useful information I can use going forward.


So, what challenges am I doing this year? None. I’m not promising to read a certain amount of books, or write a certain amount each day. I am officially divesting myself of any and all obligations/challenges.

Why? The masters degree. This year I have to do a dissertation. We’ve already started thinking about it (and the initial proposal is due in the next couple of weeks) so there’s already a fair amount of internal screaming going on. That is only going to get more stressful, and since I want to do well in the degree, I’m prioritising that over everything else this year.

I would like to read more than I did last year, and I certainly plan to keep on writing, if not daily then certainly multiple times a week. What I’m not doing is setting any goals to do with those hobbies, because then I won’t feel obligated to spend time on them when I should be doing my masters work (if I end up doing them instead of the masters work then that’s procrastination and is an entirely different problem).

Hopefully by cooling off everything else, all the stress that comes from the masters will be somewhat balanced out, and I can look forward to a really free end of the year, since I hand in my dissertation in September, get the results back in October, just in time for NaNoWriMo in November! I’ll probably have calmed down by then. Maybe.

So that’s my 2017 – the year of the degree. I hope that whatever you are planning for the next year is off to a good start. Mine could be better, I managed to leave the book I need to read round a friend’s house!



Another Christmas come and gone. And it was alright, got some really good presents, lot of dragons. But the thing that has brought me most joy is the present I bought myself.

I say present. I’ve been planning this for over two years now.

Meet Bastion.

He’s my gorgeous little Hermanns tortoise. He’s 5.2cm, and 5 months old. I’ve barely stopped grinning since I picked him up Christmas eve. He’s absolutely my new distraction/reason for not doing anything 😀


If I was a dragon, I would very much hibernate. Although I might do it in the summer to avoid the heat. Or just for a hundred years, because sleeping is the best thing to do any time of year.

The Sleeping Dragon by shimhaq98

The Sleeping Dragon by shimhaq98

You probably know what hibernation is – a long sleep over the winter months to help animals get through the period when there isn’t much food available. You basically slow everything down (breathing, heart rate, temperature) so you don’t really need much to survive, just the leftovers from the stuff you ate all summer long.

Do dragon hibernate? Yes, but they tend to do it on the scales of years or decades, rather than just the winter months. Do they do it for similar reasons? Yes and no. Yes, it can be useful when there isn’t much food about, hibernating doesn’t require a lot of energy, so if there isn’t a handy village full of sheep/cows/people nearby, and the adventurers have stopped coming into your lair to defeat you/steal your gold, then sleeping until the human and cattle populations have built themselves up again isn’t a bad choice by any means.

However, it is not the only reason for dragons to hibernate. They are also said to have pretty good healing when they slip into hibernation. It’s not regeneration, so if they’ve lost a limb, then it stays lost, but rents in scales and other such injuries can be healed with a hibernation. Also good for if you need to get rid of some scales and grow some new ones because they’ve gotten old or tarnished. A dragon doesn’t really want to be out and about when there’s a gap in their armour.

An interesting point that has been theorised is connected into the hoards of gold that some dragons collect. If a dragon breaths on the gold, not enough to melt it but enough to heat it, then the dragon has a very good blanket in which to sleep in or on for the hibernation, with occasional top-ups of heat required. This part is thought to depend on the species of dragon, as some dragons do not like heat (frost dragons) and may instead bury themselves in snow to pass their hibernation in.

Mostly I am just slightly jealous, since I love sleeping, and doing it for a number of months/years sounds like a dream. That, and the weather is just about horrible enough that getting out from the covers each morning is a draining experience. I’d much rather be sleeping under a horde of gold. Or blankets, I could very much hoard blankets.


“There He Lay” by Justin & Annie Stegg Gerard

The Blood Within – Extract

As much as I am easing off the pedal in December, I am going to try and get some sort of semi-regular posting schedule done on the blog. I do like writing here, and hate feeling like I’m ignoring it. So hopefully I can get a few fiction and dragons posts down.

I mentioned in the November debriefing post that I changed projects halfway through (well, less than halfway, but, you know, who needs accuracy) the month. However, The Blood Within is still very much an idea in my head and I don’t think it’s unwritable, it’s just not writable yet.

So, for my fiction piece today, I thought I’d share with you a bit that I did manage to write. Just to remind myself that it probably isn’t as bad as I think it is and I can totally come back to it as a when it and I are ready.



Ghost turned her head, following the sounds of the laughter as it travelled around. It was moving, in very quick bursts, but she was able to follow it smoothly, which was more than could be said for Daria.

She was spinning with every new sound, trying to track the source of the distinct laughs, starting at every noise, even as she staggered, a small trickle of blood seeping out from the wound on her arm. It looked far more blood than usual, Ghost noticed.

The laugh came again, and Daria spun around, staggering as her legs gave way, and Ghost stepped forward to catch her. Daria tried to wave her off, but only succeeding in further unbalancing herself, driving her sword into the ground to hold herself up, before entirely collapsing to the ground.

Ghost removed her two swords first, tucking them back into her belt, before she picked Daria up and moved her off the ground, placing her underneath a tree, her back supported by the trunk so she was sitting up. She remembered the medicine other people had practiced, and it would keep her heart elevated, her body warmer than if it was entirely on the ground, and if she woke up, it would be a more relaxing position to be in.

There was rustling from behind her, but Ghost finished with Daria before she stood up as turned around, looking at the effeminate figure that had appeared in behind her.

It laughed again, its bronzed skin lighting up, even in the shade of the trees. It looked over at her, tilting its head to one side, holding a finger up to its lips.

“I know what you a-are.”

It was said in a sing-song voice, drawing out the last word. Ghost continued to look at the person, and slowly tilted her head so that it mirrored its.

They laughed again, and there was a rustling noise, suddenly appearing right in front of Ghost’s face. She drew back fractionally at the sudden intrusion into her space. It was an action that she took without thinking, and it caused her to blink a few times. More laughter.

It reached out with a long finger, waving it from side to side in front of her face. She followed it with her eyes, tracing it back and forth. Until suddenly it thrust out, just flicking the end of her nose.

For the second time that encounter, she drew back, blinking rapidly.

The person laughed again, and then drew back a little, gazing at her with a fascination that she hadn’t seen since that castle, where Caspian has often had a similar look when he chose to acknowledge her. Their eyes were a warm golden colour, nothing like would be found on humans, combined with their skin and hair, the effect was like looking at a soft fire or sun, very warming.

“You know, it’s been years since one of your kind was around.”

“Six hundred and thirty seven.”

“That long? My, time does fly. Or crawl. Or spin away into nothingness,” they stepped in closer again, but Ghost didn’t pull back this time. She was ready for an attack, although she didn’t think one would be coming.

“Are you?”

She blinked at the person, not comprehending the question.

Some moments passed, then they sighed, rolling their eyes dramatically, “The only one?”

“Yes. I am the only Dhampir. Currently alive.”

“Awwww. All alone. Lonely little Dhampir.”

Ghost didn’t react. She wasn’t sure what the person meant by alone.

“Oh, I remember now. You’re a little bit weird in the emotions department aren’t you? You always did have that problem. Guess everyone forgot that, huh?”

Ghost didn’t respond. She didn’t know if it was actually a question of whether the person was just talking out loud.

It laughed again. Ghost turned her head away, looking back over at Daria. She could still hear the heartbeat, so she knew that she wasn’t dead, but it probably wasn’t good and they probably should go find someone.

There was a pressure on her cheek, and her head was turned back, the person back right in front of her, one hand on her face, gently turning it back to face her.

“Tell you what. I’m feeling nice, so I am going to help you,” there was emphasis on the words I and you, which she thought might mean something, but she wasn’t sure what.

The other hand took hers, turning it over and holding it out, and something cold and smooth was placed in it. Ghost looked down as they stepped away, and she saw that it was a glass vial. Worming the stopped out of the neck, she held it up, going in to smell it, and realising that there was nothing in it.

She looked up at the person, “Empty?”

“For the moment,” they smiled, then brought a single finger up to their mouth, and bit down on it, and Ghost’s eyes dilated out as she smelt the fresh blood in the air.

There was something strange about it, making saliva rise at the back of her throat. It was almost like a tingle at the back of her throat, that anticipation of a meal, but there was something unusual and exotic, something she couldn’t quite imagine or grasp hold of, invoked by the smell of that blood.

The person spotted as she perked up but held up her uninjured hand, wiggled a finger from side to side as they tutted, “Do behave. This isn’t for you to drink. Not yet anyway.”

Ghost stood very still, only her eyes moving, following the person as they moved, fixating on the blood flowing from the injured finger. They walked slowly over to her, stopping just a pace away, and slowly held out their hand, letting the blood run over their skin, until it started dripping off, landed in the empty vial.

Ghost didn’t move a muscle as the vial slowly filled up, even though it was small. Eventually there was only a small space left at the top, and the person withdrew their finger, then took the hand that was holding the stopper, and gently guided her to put it back in.

With a little self- congratulatory noise, they placed their finger in their mouth, sucking at the wound, and gave Ghost a grin. With the smell of fresh blood fading out, she could move again, and looked down at the vial of blood she now had.

“Well done,” they said, “A for being such a good girl, I’m going to let you keep that. Do save it for a special occasion, okay? It’s going to be such a treat for you, and a very nasty trick for everyone else.”

So this person did know what she was, and how it worked. That was unusual, even the vampires didn’t seem to know how she worked, and they theoretically should, given that she was half vampire in the first place.

“What are you?”

The person turned around to her, eyebrows raised, “You have a very nice voice you know, you might want to try using it more than you do.”

“What are you?”

The fact that she was still talking seems to please them, as they smiled a coy smile, “Guess.”

Ghost looked down at the vial in her hands, and then thought back to the sensations that smelling the blood had caused.


It laughed, “Excellent guess. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve chaos to cause elsewhere.”

The trees rustled, a distinct absence of wind in the air, and Ghost blinked and they were gone. She looked back down at the vial in her hands. A vial of Fae blood. The Fae were such rare visitors to this plane that people often thought they were myth, and certainly the stories of them were varied to say the least. But now she had a vial of Fae blood, if the person was to be believed, and they had warned her to save it. She knew what vampire, human and werewolf blood would do for her, but she was entirely unsure about Fae abilities, and what she would inherit from the blood.

November Conclusion

First of all, apologies for not posting during the entire month. The reason is pretty obvious – I was putting all of my creative energy into finishing NaNoWriMo. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was either doing my masters, trying to keep up with work/social life, and getting ill. Fantastic time to get ill really (but I have medicine from my wonderful doctor now so it should start getting better).

First of all, the big news. I won – I wrote 50,000 words in the month. Yay!


However, this year was really difficult. As you can see, for most of the month I was actually behind where I should have been, and although I caught up at the end, it was difficult to get the words down on the page. Also, the novel I said I was going to write – The Blood Within? That’s didn’t really happen. I got about 10K down on it, and then it just stalled. I couldn’t seem to get it out of my head and onto the page.

So I swapped projects, choosing something which I knew I could get out of my head and write down. It’s probably never going to see the light of day, but it got me writing.

This was actually the first year where I doubted that I could make the 50K. Giving that I’ve been overachieving for a few years now, that was a pretty scary thought. But, I have to remember, that I was doing a lot this year. And actually, managing the 50,000 words alongside everything else that I was doing? Not a bad feat.

So how is the other stuff doing? Well we’ve started the dissertation preparation module in my master’s course, which has me internally screaming every time I have to think about it, but I do think I have an idea for what I want to do, which is a really good start. And I’m mostly on top of that work, which is good.

Work is…well, at least it’s nearly Christmas.

Social life is good, and the tabletop games I’m playing in continue to be excellent. Actually, I’ve been invited to play in a new one that’ll be starting up next year and i’m super excited for that.

The LIFE BOSS hit pretty hard this month. That’s been on and off terrible, but I am getting it sorted out, slowly, but getting there. Stress is a big thing for me at the moment, but I plan on spending December taking things a little easier, and the 365K club comes to a close at the end of the year, so that’s another thing I can take off my plate. That’s actually going pretty well, and I’m sure you’ll hear about that before the end of the year.

So yeah, November was hard, but I am glad that I did it, and I’m super glad that it’s over. December is going to be getting things back on track, back on a steady progress level, rather than the frantic pace it’s been for November. And next year in November, I’ll have finished my degree, so there’ll be more time and brain space for writing epic amounts in a month.

I hope that if you did NaNoWriMo, that the month was rewarding for you, whether you hit the goal or not.


Delving back into the backlog of Flash Fiction Challenges that monsieur Chuck Wendig set to try and encourage myself to write again. I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading lately, and also trying to come up with some notes for my NaNoWriMo novel this year. No, I haven’t suddenly become a planner, but I do want to come up with a list of supernatural creatures and what they might do because there is going to be a lot of different supernatural in this novel and I need lots of ideas to pull on as I write. So that’ll be fun to put together.

This challenge was to find a photo and then use that photo as inspiration for a short story. I found this striking black and white photo of a bridge which I used as my starting point.


Bridge of Cala

The surface of the water ripples in the wind, shadows flickering across the top of it again. Casey’s feet were cold, which was good considering the rest of them was sweltering hot. It was always hot in the city, even when it rained.

Leaning back, they looked up at the massive bridge that was causing the shadows to play across the water. Concrete and steel, spanning off into the distance, fading away out of sight. Crossing the vast ocean between the city and the rest of the continent. Given how imposing it was up close, Casey always found it incredible to see from up high in the city, looking down, as if it was a single narrow thread, the only link to the world outside.

Casey shook their head, then stood up, grabbing the collar of their scruffy coat and the strap of their camera as they did so, and turning to walk away, wet footprints left behind against the hot concrete.

Screens from oversized TV hung on the outside of building screamed as they walked passed, the usual news from all over the city. Politicians making lies, celebrities caught in scandals, someone was dead, and now for the weather – high chance of strong winds and rain later, don’t get caught outside tonight!

Just the same old, same old.

Winding though the skyscrapers and ever growing buildings, Casey trod a familiar path, avoiding the cleaning robots that swept around the pavement, getting underfoot even as they did their only job of keeping the city tidy.

The noise of the TVs faded away as Casey walked away from the mainstream areas of the city. The slums certainly weren’t the cesspit they had been mere decades ago, thanks to the automation and rebuilding of the city, but they were less well trodden, less cared about than other parts.

A messenger robot hummed across overhead as Casey knocked four times on a door, which slid open to allow them entrance into the packed room.

It was fairly noisy in here, as robots and gadgets whirred and beeped. The guard dog came up and gave Casey a friendly sniff, before rolling over onto its back and letting out a metallic ‘woof’. Not its fault the poor thing wasn’t programmed with a guard instinct.

“Casey, pictures!”

Unslinging the strap from their shoulder, Casey threw the camera over to the slightly chubby owner of the flat. They let out a small shriek and only just caught the camera with the tips of their fingers, stumbling slightly as they overbalanced.

“Dammit Casey!”

Casey shrugged, and then went back to stroking the dog. They remembered stroking a real dog once, at least they thought it was a memory, might be a dream. They usually was a dog in their dreams.

Thornton carefully open up the back of the camera, took out the chip, and plugged the memory ship into the computer. Reaching up, they flicked the lights, and the entire room was bathed in a red light. Opening up the back, they extracted a roll of film, some sort of really old tech apparently.

It was some time spent faffing around, printing picture, washing them in special chemicals. Thornton tried continuously to explain it to Casey, but they never listened. It was just old tech, why anyone would bother with it all was beyond them.

“Ah ha! See! If you compare this picture of the bridge with the digital equivalent, you can clearly see the effect of the nanotreens-“

Casey was already lost, but the picture was quite a good one. Doing these odd errands, which often involve taking picture of parts of the city, had given them a lot of practice, and privately, they thought it was quite a good photo. The bridge was in monochrome, a sort of halo effect around part of it where the light had been shining, path reflected in the metal of the construction.

If they’d had any idea how it would make them money, they’d take up art as a professional. Another pipe dream.

It took him a while longer to be satisfied with the pictures, and then he rummaged around in a drawer, pulling out a credit chip, and threw it to Casey, who unlike him, easily caught it.

“Come back tomorrow, I’ll need more help with this.”

Casey nodded, but then quickly left the flat, their stomach long since given up on growling at them with hunger, but waking up with anticipation.

A carton of food, cheap, but filling, purchased from a corner vendor dangled from their hand as they traced another familiar path through the city, climbing higher and higher, crossing small bridges and pathways, climbing terraces, until they reached one of the highest points in this part of the city, and settled down under a veranda that had been set up on this terrace, strung up between two walls. Perfectly safe to watch the storm fall over the city.

They didn’t have to wait long either, the clouds already racing across the sky, dark ones rolling in, the leading edge of rain clearly visible as the air turned from clear to misty with the heaviness of it all.

Sucking up the noodles, Casey leaned again the wall, enjoying the sight of the city being drenched, a tiny thrill at hearing the first crack of thunder roll out. It might not cool the city down much, but the storms were some of the best weather they got.

The bridge stretched out to the great beyond, swaying, slightly at first, then more, until it was practically vibrating as the wind and rain lashed at it.

A lightning fork crashed down, striking the top of the bridge, the metal glowing briefly before being instantly cooled by the rain.

Then another, and another.

Casey frowned, that was a lot of lightning, even for a big storm.

And then there was one more, even bigger than before, reaching down passed the top curved of the bridge, and striking at the footpath.

The entire bridge lit up, glowing gold, like a pathway to heaven.

Then the first support snapped.

A chain reaction, down the entire length, one after the other, the support snapped, a gaping arch opening up between bridge and footpath.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, the archway started to tilt, pushed by the wind, until gravity took over, and the whole structure started to fall.

Casey didn’t realise that they had stood up, cartoon of food falling to the floor, forgotten and the tearing of metal and concrete screeched throughout the air, even over the storm, and the bridge ripped itself to piece under its own weight, urged on by the storm. Huge waves swamped the edge of the city as pieces of the bridges fell into the ocean, sinking out of sight.

The bridge of Cala was quickly disappearing out of sight, a single chain, pulling itself into oblivion, and the only link the city had to outside world along with it.

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