The Magitek Vanguard thrust one of it’s pointed appendages out at her, and the Warrior had no trouble sliding under it, her own spear coming up to pierce one of it’s legs, ripping out several bits of presumably important interior. They both spun around, Iscara much quicker than the lumbering magitek, and wrecked the other knee joint just as efficiently.

There was a clanking behind her, and she spare a half-second glance to see a Magitek Colossus lumbering up to join in the fight. Rolling her eyes, she turned back to the Vanguard, scoring a ling across and arm joint that stopped on of the drills whirling. It was still a very large chunk of sharp metal, and she dove to one side to avoid it, before immediately reversing her momentum, rolling over the top of it to avoid the sword the Colossus swung down, hitting the floor and showering them all in sparks.

Rolling through its legs, she leapt up, briefly landing on its shoulders as a stepping point so she could leap up into the air, far higher than any other than her fellow dragoons could manage, aiming down at the Colossus, spear point driving straight between the horns.

With a grunt, she leveraged her spear back out, taking a huge chunk of vital components with her, before she backflipped off the Colossus, onto the Vanguard, driving her spear down on it in exactly the same way.

Lightly landing on the Castrum floor, her spear held out to one side, she let out a breath. And that was precisely when the explosives she had set decided to run out, demolishing scores of crates of new, very expensive equipment that had just been delivered to the Castrum.

She was just mapping out her exit in her head, when there was a creaking behind her. Iscara frowned, and turned, just in time to see the magitek she had defeated inches from her face.

An almighty crunch echoed round the Castrum, grinding of metal on metal as both Magitek armour’s fell over, jostled by the vibrations from the explosions, straight onto the Warrior of light, who in turn heard and felt a crack in several places, including when she hit her head against the metal floor.

Clenching her teeth, she rolled onto her front, metal poking into her from all places, and pressed herself up, able to shove the metal aside enough to crawl out, hissing through her teeth as she moved her legs.

Ignoring the mess behind her, she ran from the Castrum, dodging around the few frantic imperials that were on her path, until she was back outside in Mor Dhona, circling round the back of the rock she had left her Chocobo behind.

Emblem whistled at her as she came around, leaning against the rock, drawing in pained breaths through clenched teeth. Right leg, definitely broken, likely in more than one place. Ribs, probably a mess. Wrists, not broken, maybe sprained. Blood, some, certainly enough to make her look like a savage, as the imperials were so fond of calling her.

On the good side, she could tell Slafborn that the Imperials weren’t likely to be a problem in the near future.

On the bad side, Y’shtola was going to absolutely have a fit at her for running on a broken leg.

Iscara sighed, gave Emblem a scratch before climbing up on his back, and gently nudging him into a walk back to Revenant’s Toll.