So my last post on my blog started “I’m mildly ashamed to look at how long it’s been since I’ve posted on here”. And that was a good 20 months ago. What can I say? Life happens, and whilst this year hasn’t been all that good, things are picking up, and I’m getting back on track, which is quite nice to be able to say.

And since I am getting back on track, I’m starting to pick up all those things I’ve let drop by the wayside, like sewing (I got a new machine for my birthday!) and writing, which is why there is now life coming back to this blog!

I’m going to start with something easy, and something that I’m keen about – since early this year I’ve been enormously hooked on Final Fantasy XIV, which is their MMO game. And in a happy coincidence, my desire to get back into writing by doing some fan-fic for my character is joined by a FFXIV Writes Challenge for 2019, hosted and run by Moen Moen over on tumblr.


It’s a 30 day writing challenge, a prompt a day, very low-pressure with make-up days if you miss one, which is exactly the sort of thing I need to help me get back into writing. I’ll be writing them on my tumblr and cross-posting them to here, so you can enjoy them on whichever platform is your preference.

Feels wonderful to be back on here, fingers crossed for a productive September!