Ever since she had first attuned to an aetheryte in Gridania, she had liked travelling by the aether currents that the network tuned into. There were always, flavours, tastes, smells associated with each

The Black Shroud was earthy, dappled sunlight and rustling leaves. A deep hum of elements, blending together in harmony

La Noscea was salty, churning, a spray of water against the face. The headiness of wine on the tongue.

Thanalan was heat, warm stones after a day of sunlight. A stillness in the air that made everything seem a little less urgent.

Coerthas was the first bite of winter, cold nipping at your heels. The scent after rain and the first signs of spring just peeking through the snow.

Gyr Abania spoke of undulations, the high peaks and windings valleys. A blend of earth and wind whistling around each other.

Orthard was brightly coloured, more so than any other place. The sounds of tiny bells, and metal on metal ringing at the edge of hearing.

The excitement of new places never dulled for her, and she was ever curious about what would be next, what places and sights there were to see just around the corner, what new aether was there to sense.

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