Welcome to the Princess of Dragons blog,

On this blog you will find the collection of things that I hold most dear to my heart: Dragons, Writing and Gaming.

Here is where I tell you all that you could want to know about the fascinating creatures that are dragons, both myths and facts, and all manner of related things.

Here I explore and take you with me on my journey to becoming a published writer, showcasing bits and pieces of my writing, so that I can get that all important practice, and you get to see what I am all about as an author.

Here I shed the sense of reality, and dive into worlds where I can become an elf, a mage, a vampire, the worlds greatest thief and more. You’d be surprised at how living another world helps you craft one when writing a story.

There will also be updates on the happenings of my life, since living is about the only way to get anything done.

Whichever part of this drew your attention to my blog, thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy.

Jessica (Princess of Dragons)

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