When I say gaming I don’t just mean video gaming. Actually, I do very little video gaming comparatively. Let me tell you about the various game I do:

Board and Card Games: I have a lot of board games around the house, and I frequently go over to friend’s houses to play board games, since most games are made for more than one person. My favourite games are Ascension (a deck building game), Takenoko (a game about panda’s, bamboo and the weather) and a lovely card game I kickstartered called Dragon’s Hoard (you’re a dragon and you build a hoard of treasure, I love it). Also recently bought Tsuro, a pathfinding game that takes about ten minutes to play, you’re a dragon, and you have to not fall off the board or collide into other people, very fond of it.

Tabletop Games: The classic example of which is dungeons and dragons, which I do play at the moment, but there are many, many others besides. Take a Game Master, who comes up with the plot and challenges, six or so players with character sheets and dice, sit around a table, add pizza (or food of choice) and you have a very good evening lined up. The system I play most is the World of Darkness, by White Wolf. It’s like the normal world, but things really do go bump in the night, from werewolves and vampires, to changeling and demons, you can play them all. Although I do also have a rather nice Dungeon and Dragon campaign going on at the moment. Doesn’t matter what system in the end though, it’s all really good fun around a table.

Video Games: I have a 3DS, and a game I bought which I really should get round to playing, but finding the time is the hardest part. Mainly what I’m doing at the moment is computer gaming online. I am very much into the new game that Blizzard have bought out – Heroes of the Storm. A MOBA which character from their other universes battling it out in arenas. Having lots of fun with that. Still going with the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. There’s a new patch out in a couple of weeks so hopefully our raid team’s enthusiasm will pick up again. I main a druid healer and so I want to get back to yelling at my raid every Wednesday evening, telling them to stop being idiots so we can kill this boss, and arguing about what difficulty level of content we should be doing. Haven’t got a next gen console yet, but with the announcement of Fallout 4, I am sure one will be in my future.

Live Action Role Play: This is a bit like amateur dramatic, in that you have a character (and often a character sheet) but instead of sitting around a table, you dress up, act, talk, and basically become that person (hence the acting part). This can take a lot of different forms, from local games with a few players, to massive games where 2,000 people go and camp in a field for a weekend (and indeed I do this several times a year). There are two main different types: combat and non-combat. Combat LARPs use fake weaponry, specially crafted swords and other weapons, including NERF guns, to physically hit the other person to resolve combat or other conflicts where acting and talking is not appropriate. The other type is non-combat and uses card or dice as a resolution mechanic instead. Both are fun, both are awesome, both make for some really good stories with lots of other people being involved.

Gaming and Roleplaying

Current Games

Live Games:

Shades of Norwich: Dark Metropolis – Jade (Gangrel, Lance)

Sabbat – Tem (Lasombra, Reavers Pack Ductus)

IoD: Awakening – Whim (Acanthus, Apostate/Brilu)

IoD Forsaken – Serena (Irraka, Iron Masters)

IoD: Lost – Delphi (Oracle Wizened, Autumn Court)

Tabletop Games:

DnD – Adara Wintermere (Uplifting Ardent)

Star Wars – T3-R4R (Astromech Droid, all-round terrible sentient being)

Princess – Lucy Collins/Aegis (Champion of Wands)


Empire – Raewynn Stormwise (Healer magic and mundane, Spring & Dawn Ritualist)

Frontier – Celeste (Archer), Allana (Elementalist)

World of Warcraft (Nordrassil Realm)

Main – Leraa (Restoration Druid)

Alt – Phyre (Destruction Warlock)

Heroes of the Storm

Favourite Support – Brightwing

Favourite Assassin – Valla

Retired/Dead Characters

Second Sight – Charlie (Giest Gunslinger) – Giest was killed by a changeling who though it was a True Fae, turning her into one of The Vacant.

Shades of Norwich: Requiem – Ryanne (Daeva, Circle of the Crone) CHRONICLE ENDED

IoD: Awakening – Animus (Mastigos, Mysterium) CHRONICLE ENDED

IoD: Lost – Zephyr (Airtouched Element, Spring Court) CHRONICLE ENDED

In April 2016, I undertook the A to Z Blogging Challenge and decided upon the theme Pokemon. Mostly this ties into gaming, so find my alphabetical posts here.

A – Anime     B – Battles

C – Criminals     D – Daycare

E – Evolution     F – Fossils

G – Gyms     H – HMs

I – Items     J – Journey

K – Kanto     L – Legendaries

M – Mega-Evolutions     N – Nurse Joy

O – Officer Jenny     P – Professors & Pokedex

Q – Quiz     R – Rivals

S – Starters     T – Types

U – Undaunted     V – Victory Road

W – Walkthroughs     X – XP

Y – Yellow     Z – Zoroark: Master of Illusions