IA high level of nostalgia means that this year my chosen theme for the 2016 A to Z challenge is Pokemon. Whether you yourself have a similar level of sentimentality or you’ve never really gotten into it, I hope that you enjoy this month of posts as I indulge my nostalgia.

Items. I’ve touched on this in a couple of the previous posts, including H’s HMs post quite a bit. Items are something that the player can pick up, store in their bag, and then use in some fashion to help them out. In the later games, the player’s bag is divided into compartments to help sort the items into various types:

  • General Items
  • Medicine
  • Pokeballs
  • TMs & HMs
  • Berries
  • Mail
  • Battle Items
  • Key Items

Of course the types used do slightly depend on the game, these are the ones from Diamon & Pearl & Platinum, in the latest game X & Y, there were five bag sections: Items, Medicine, TMs & HMs, Berries and Key Items.


So, going through these, medicine is what you would expect, it’s potions and status cures for you Pokemon, to keep them healthy (and happy as a bonus, not letting them faint increases their friendship level with you). Pokeballs are also what you would expect, and as the games go on, there are an ever increasing amount of them to choose from depending on your situation. I quite like the great ball, it’s an all round reasonable choice. TMs and HMs I covered on Saturday, so go check out that post for information on those.

Berries are like fruit or vegetables, you grow them, and that have mostly the same effects as medicine, the thing with berries is that you can a) grow your own when you find appropriate soil patches and b) Pokemon can hold them and will eat/use them at the appropriate point in battle. I bought Pokemon White 2 over the weekend (turns out I never bought/played it, so I’m rectifying that) and I have Oran Berries to give to my Pokemon, so when they get injured they eat them and ta da! 10hp back (it’s still early in the game).

pokemon_protectors_bagMail generally does not get it’s own pocket. It’s a letter you can write things on and then give to a Pokemon to hold, which means that you can then trade that with the Pokemon to another trainer. Of course, given advances in communication technology, this became less of a thing and it was removed for generation 6 altogether. Which was fine by me, I spent way too much money on the pretty stationery. Battle Items are like medicine in that you use them on a Pokemon, but these items gives Pokemon a power up in battles. They have names like X-Speed or X-Defence, and give the stat a boost. I don’t tend to use them, mainly because between extra levelling and type advantaging, it’s an advantage I just don’t need.

Key items are probably the most interesting section, these are things that you really couldn’t do you Pokemon journey without, or it gets a bit harder, or they’re things you really shouldn’t throw away. Stuff like your bicycle, town map, fossils, the PokeFlute, fishing rods, key cards, and in the newer games, your Xtransceiver, used to communicate with other trainers in the game.

And then items is everything that doesn’t fit into another pocket. So escape ropes, evolution stones, repels, a whole bunch of items you give to Pokemon to boost stats (silk scarf anyone?), valuable items that exist for you to sell, just anything else that comes up and doesn’t belong in a names pocket, get put in here. Thankfully, in later games, there are ways of organising this pocket, and that helps enormously.


IvysaurPokemon of the Day

I is for Ivysaur

The last of the original three starter Pokemon, or at least in their chain, Ivysaur is the first stage evolution, evolving from Bulbasaur, and evolving into Venasaur. It is a seed Pokemon with a large seed starting to bud on it’s back, but it resembles a blue/green dinosaur on four legs. When it comes time for it to evolve, Ivysaur spends a lot of time out in the sun, absorbing energy.

Mainly it’s Ivysaur instead of Vensaur because a) I like Ivysaur a little better, although Bulbasaur is the best out of all of them and b) there are only five Pokemon who’s names begin with I. So today, the best out of those, is Ivysaur, and I did want to mention all the original starters. Look at how fierce he is, look at him. Also he’s modelled after a dinosaur, and that’s kind of awesome as well.

Pokémon bulbasaurs family