KA high level of nostalgia means that this year my chosen theme for the 2016 A to Z challenge is Pokemon. Whether you yourself have a similar level of sentimentality or you’ve never really gotten into it, I hope that you enjoy this month of posts as I indulge myself.

Turns out, this was one of the hardest letters to actually find a topic for. Seriously, you wouldn’t have thought it, but K gave me lots of trouble, hence I had to get a little bit creative with the title. K is for Kanto, which is one of the regions of the Pokemon worlds, and that’s the topic for today – The Regions.

The Region is the part of the world that a game (or anime series) takes part in, and currently in the main series there are six regions:

  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn
  • Sinnoh
  • Unova
  • Kalos

The picture from yesterday’s post is of the Unovo region, which is the setting for Black/White & Black 2/White 2. And because today is named after it, here’s Kanto, which is the original region for Blue/Red/Yellow & FireRed/LeafGreen:



Regions, being the setting in Pokemon takes place, tend to have fairly similar structures in place regarding society. So there’s eight gym leaders that make up the Pokemon League, and once you defeat those you can challenge the Elite Four and the Champion of the region (although Johto and Kanto share their Elite Four). There’s also a Pokemon Professor that has residence in the area, who is the person who gives out starter Pokemon and Pokedex to new trainers. And you’re pretty much always going to find a villainous team trying to accomplish something there.

Of course, as well as having similarities, the regions also have their difference. At the most fundamental level, this means that the map is different, with different towns, routes and places to explore. The larger experiences of the world will change as well, such as climate and culture – Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are based on Japanese islands (some more loosely than others), Unova takes inspirations from New York’s metropolitan area, and Kalos is based on northern France. So as well as geographical similarities, you’ll find cultural indicators as well. Kalos for instance has a lot of cafes, and is the only game where you can buy clothes for your trainer avatar, which is something that I highly approved of.

Actually, in the Diamond/Pearl games, Professor Oak explains that Sinnoh, Kanton, Hoenn (and probably Johto as well) are all part of a larger country, whose name has yet to be revealed, much like Japan which is what they are modelled after – a number of large and many more small islands making up the larger country. Unova and Kalos are known to be much further away, so they are probably part of a different country.


You will also have different Pokemon, each region did introduce some more Pokemon as we progressed through the generations, so there’s more places to explore and find/catch/train Pokemon. The legendaries will also be different for each area, and that often means that the stories and legends that people pass around from one to another will be different, to better reflect the legendaries that live there, and their influence on the world. Taking Groudon and Kyogre, the legends of the Hoenn region change depending on which game you’re in, and thus which legendary you have, because Groudon will take all the water away, whilst Kyogre will flood the world. Either one is bad, but there is a difference in their methods.

I might have mentioned this before, but the world building that go on in the Pokemon world is spectacular, even if it is in the background most of the time. But that’s kind of what good world building is like, at least that’s what I always feel when I’m writing my novels. Lots and lots of work, for a subtle underlying enjoyment of the world, and a few shining examples where you can really see it come to life. That, and I am super excited to see what the new region for Sun/Moon is!


KlefkiPokemon of the Day

K is for Klefki

Kelfki is a sixth generation fairy/steel type Pokemon which has a pale grey face, pink body, and a oddly shaped appendage from its head. A thin white loop that might be it’s arms extends around it’s entire body, and upon this loop it will collect various keys. If it finds a key it likes, it will never let it go, and it uses it’s collection to threaten attackers.

It uses it’s body to collect keys! How cool is that? Sure, he’s only been in since the generation 6, so I’ve only had him in X/Y game, but I really, really like him. Not only is he adorable, and has some really cool moves that only he can use because he’s basically a key ring, his type combination is excellent, and when he got up to high level, he was super powerful. Really, he was probably my favourite out of the new Pokemon for generation 6, and I used him all the time.