MA high level of nostalgia means that this year my chosen theme for the 2016 A to Z challenge is Pokemon. Whether you yourself have a similar level of sentimentality or you’ve never really gotten into it, I hope that you enjoy this month of posts as I indulge myself.

Mega evolution is a bit different from evolution which we covered earlier in the month. Whereas evolution is a permanent change of the physical form and stats of a Pokemon, Mega-Evolution is a temporary change, affecting both form and stats (apart from HP), which will last for a battle, or contest if you’re a Contestant Trainer rather than a Champion Trainer.

It occurs when the trainer has obtained an item called a Key Stone, often seen in the game as a fetching bracelet or other piece of wearable jewellery (rings, necklaces, a tiara, even a pair of glasses for one trainer!) and the corresponding Pokemon that you want to mega evolve has it’s appropriate Mega Stone. So for instance Gardevoir mega_braclet_femaleneeds to be holding Gardevoirite, and I as the trainer need to have obtained the Key Stone. In battle, I can then choose to Mega Transform as a free action, and then attack with a move. Transforming always happens before a move, so you get the effect of the boosted statistics. Mega-Evolved Pokemon are simply identified by adding “Mega” in front of their name, so Gardevoir becomes Mega-Gardevoir. After the battle, or if they faint, then they revert back to their normal form.


It’s a relative new event in the Pokemon world, and has only be in the X/Y & Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games so far, although I fully expect that it will be in Sun/Moon as well. So far there are 46 Pokemon that are capable of Mega Evolution, and 48 different Mega Evolutions (Charizard & Mewtwo Altaria-Megahave two different forms depending on whether you’re playing X or Y).

In X/Y, The Tower of Mastery plays a critical role in understanding the concept of Mega Evolution. You go there and you learn about Mega Evolution for the first time from an old man called Gurkinn, which is the grandfather of the city’s Gym Leader Korrina. After you win the rival fight there, you go fight the Gym Leader, and you can then use Mega Evolution when she gives you the Key Stone and challenges you to a Mega Battle. They say that Lucario was the first Pokemon known to Mega Evolve, however in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, you learn a legend about how Rayquaza was the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve. This might make more sense, especially after you learn that Rayquaza does not need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve, instead it onlys needs to know a certain move called Dragon Ascent.

As you can imagine, Mega-Evolution is a big power boost in fights, and yes, the trainers you fight can use it as well. Although it tends to be only big NPCs, like Gym Leaders, rivals, bosses of Villainous teams, The current champion, ect. As I have mentioned, Gardevoir can Mega-Evolve, and thus usually has a place on my team. There are quite a few others that do, but the others I use are Lucario and Altaria. Mostly Gardevoir though, because I do play favourite Pokemon.


MewPokemon of the Day

M is for Mew

A legendary Pokemon that is said to be the origin of life, Mew is a member of the Mew Duo, along with Mewtwo which was created from it, and is the last Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex. It is a pink, pipedal Pokemon with mammalian features, although rather than walking it uses it’s considerable psychic ability to fly from place to place. It has large hind legs, short front arms, and a long thin tail and is covered in exceedingly fine fur. It is thought to be intelligent, curious and playful, although considering it can make itself invisible at will, it is often thought to be a Mythical Pokemon, since so few have seen it. It is also known for apparently containing the DNA of every other Pokemon, which leads to it’s ability to know any Pokemon move that exists.

I’ve loved Mew ever since the first Pokemon movie where is appears. Obstensibly the movie is about Mewtwo, but since it’s an origin story, you can’t have Mewtwo without Mew, and you get to see this playful, but utterly powerful Pokemon playing around and giggling on top of a wind turbine. Also it’s exceptionally cute, who wouldn’t like that? And, you know, totally powerful psychic Pokemon.

mew and mewtwo