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Reading Transition

So, that’s 2015 over with, and 2016 is well underway!

At the start of 2015, I made a few reading resolutions, because I felt like I wasn’t reading enough and I should be doing more. I’m both and a writer and a librarian, so books are kind of a really big thing in my life, and I need to enjoy them as well!


Resolution #1: Read a book every week, or 52 in the year. Predictably, this was more 52 books in the year than one a week, but I am pleased to say, I managed it! If you want to see which books I ended up reading, visit my Goodreads 2015 Challenge page.

Resolution #2: Read a mixture of Fiction and Non-Fiction. Out of the 52 books I read, 7 of those were non-fiction. So I don’t think that’s too bad a number. I’m actually reading two non-fiction books at the moment, but I’m only a couple of chapters in on each, hence they do not count towards the 2015 challenge.

Resolution #3: Read outside of my genre, including romance, mystery, science fiction, literary, comedy and biography. This is probably the one I did worst with. Romance, check (Water for Elephants, also a historic novel, but also romance). Mystery, eh, no (The Night Circus has some elements, but is definitely fantasy). Science Fiction, ah ha! Yes! (The Humans and Robot in the Garden. I also have on one my to read pile). Literary, no. Not unless books about literature count, and they don’t. Comedy, I don’t think so. Again, some books did make me laugh, but nothing counts as comedy. Biography, check (A Street Cat Named Bob, and I’ve found out he has follow up books!). So I hit half of those, which was quite good. I also managed to read some poetry, and some books which I probably wouldn’t have picked up on my own, both through a reading scheme and by listening to friend recommendations, so I didn’t do all too badly on this.

All in all, a pretty good year for reading.

But, as soon as the clocks turned midnight, it was a new year, and lots more potential for reading! So, once again, using the very handy challenge tracker that Goodreads provides, I have signed up to read 52 books in 2016! Check out my progress here, although, you know, as of now, January 4th, there really isn’t any progress.

Well, that’s a bit of a lie, I have several books I am currently reading, and more on the to read pile. Two non-fiction books (Badgerlands and From Here to Eternity), a fantasy (Dreamwalker), a science fiction (Seven Eves) and something that I think is alternate history (Conversion).

So reading resolution #1 for 2016 is to once again get to 52 books by the end of the year.

Reading resolution #2 comes from a friend who discovered this and passed it along to me.


It’s a fairly short list, only 12 items, but it’s designed to be very doable, and it means that those who might read less have access to it as well, and you can tick it off an item per month. I of course plan to read more than that, but I will try to incorporate these challenges into what I choose to read this year as well. Just to inject a bit of variety, and I do like a challenge.

Only two resolutions this year, as I do want to keep to them, and it feels good to achieve rather than overshoot and fail. I learnt this year that I have to prioritise activities or run the risk of taking on too much and not being able to do any of it.

Anyone else made reading resolutions for this year? Or any other resolutions for that matter. My New Year resolution for 2016 is to spend more time with friends, trying to see the people I might not see all that often, because I have awesome friends.


The Reading Continues

So I have been doing some reading lately. It’s not reading I like to admit to, but since I have been bad mouthing it so much I figured I should at least read it, and the film just came out so it is literally everywhere I go in town, on buses, in shop fronts. Yeah. Everywhere. And I did. I read the whole trilogy. It reads exactly like the fanfiction that it is, and that is all I have to say.

The Library BookI also read The Library Book, and I would really encourage anyone who likes libraries and books and reading in general find a copy and read it. I got mine from the local library and was so impressed that I ordered my own copy. I’ve only been that impressed by a book a handful of times, so it really is a good read. And when you buy it from the Reading Agency, all the royalties go towards their work getting more and more into reading and using libraries. So it’s win-win.

It’s been half term this week, but I haven’t done as much as I wanted to. Mainly because I keep over sleeping, which is delightful, but not very productive. I have a lot of books, divided into three sections: fiction, books about information and libraries, and writing.

I’m trying to edit my novel, and then I also have a short story I’m trying to get written for another competition. I don’t know whether I finish off my next dragon short story, or write a new one. Probably going for the dragon one.

In the meantime, I have also found this lovely list of reading challenges:

Reading List

This seems like a lovely set of books, and I probably already have read a couple of them on the list, but I would have to print off the list and tick them off. Feel free to steal this list, I stole it from another blog, it’s making the rounds!

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