AAnd here we are kicking off this years A to Z challenge! My 2016 is Pokemon, due to a high level of current nostalgia and looking forward to the new games coming out later this year (Sun/Moon & Go!)

A is for anime. For those that don’t know, anime is a Japanese style of animation, which is where Pokemon originated from, as do many other great things.

The anime follows Ash, the main character, as he travels around the regions of the Pokemon world, encounters new people, catches and builds relationships with all his Pokemon, earns gym badges and competes in challenges and leagues.

pokemon_animeIt’s been going on since 1998 in the English language, so yes I do remember waking up early Saturday morning, running downstairs, and switching on the TV for Saturday morning kid’s breakfast and tuning in for that week’s episode, as they are currently running over 919 episodes, with several seasons passing through the different generations. No I am not up to date with the anime, but given how nostalgic I’m feeling, it’s something I might go and re-watch.

Although the games are said to be the main part of the Pokemon universe, the anime is way to introduce the Pokemon and world in a more specialised fashion, and each episode will typically involve a new Pokemon. There was even a feature (which may or may not still happen) over the break where they would show the silhouette of a Pokemon and make you guess it – “Who’s that Pokemon?”.

Yes, this is technically a kids cartoon show, but as I keep saying, nostalgia can play a big part, and because it is aimed at kids, you not only have the people who grew up with Pokemon, you attract the young generations in as well, and thus the Pokemon continues to be exceedingly popular.

And, of course, with any TV cartoon or anime, you have the theme song. It’s changed over the seasons, but the original one still has a special place in my heart.


Pokemon of the DayArcanine

A is for Arcanine.

Fire type, canine like Pokemon with orange/cream fur and black stripes a bit like a tiger, it evolves from Growlithe (with the aid of a fire stone).

Arcanine is one of my all time favourite Pokemon, mainly because I think he’s a bit like a tiger, would be super fluffy, and you could totally climb on his back and ride him, and when he is rumoured to reach top speeds of over 200mph that would be awesome. They are also super loyal, as long as you are loyal to them, so they make great partners. That, and their natural habitats are often volcanoes, and I do love me a volcano.