Falling. Floating. Without end. Without beginning.

Iscara slowly found her consciousness wrapping around herself, aware of her surroundings now.

Or, should would be, if there were any surroundings.

An endless darkness, nothing but void, all around her. But it didn’t feel wrong, it almost felt familiar.


She called out, no words, no sound, but she called out all the same.


Nothing. No crystal, no light, no words spoken to her soul.

And then there was everything, light, noise, brilliant, blinding, a rush, an onslaught, overwhelming.

Iscara woke up with an intake of breath, one hand clenching the covers of the blanket. The familiar ceiling of the Pendants greeted her, the large room silent with no one else around.

She pushed the covers aside, striding to the large windows, and pushed them open. The twinkling night sky greeted her, and she relaxed. Tension disappearing as she watched the stars glimmer against the blackness. Leaning on the railing, she simply watched them for a while, letting them calm her thoughts.

Usually when she had those experiences, it was Hydaelyn calling to her. It had felt the same, certainly not a dream, but what it meant she wasn’t sure. A reflection of what had happened here in the first perhaps?

Warrior of Light. Warrior of Darkness. Less and less, the title she was being called mattered to her. She would do what she had always been doing, no matter the place or time.

But for now, the fight was done, and she could enjoy the hard-won peace of the night, standing here, looking up at the stars glimmering against the dark.