PDP062AlchemyA short one today, but following one from last week’s little bit about Wales, I thought I would look at other dragons which are famous around the British Isles.

Whitby is a seaside town, in the northern part of England in Yorkshire. It was made famous when Bram Stoker choose it as the setting for part of his classic novel, Dracula, having been inspired when he visited the place, even going so far as to discover the name Dracula in the public library there.

One famous landmark is the white whale bone archway (which I remember from visiting the place as a tiny tot) and another is the abbey. Although ruined now, it was built during and founded as a monastery in 657 AD.

However, when they were building the Whitby Abbey, they had to smooth off the land they were building on, and it doing so the great fire-breathing Wyrm that had made the land it’s home was disturbed from his centuries long slumber.

Having been rudely awoken, he attempted to raise the town of Whitby to the ground, but the human of the town banded together and banished the great Wyrm into the sea.

Now, every seven year, on the night of a full moon, the Wyrm returns, attempting to drag the abbey into the sea by clawing at the cliff it stands on, the cliff that was once his home.

I have the poster pictured, it’s amazing.