56. Food (23/7/11)

The room was glowing, lit by bright lights and a roaring fire in the hearth, in contrast to the dark skies that could be seen through the window. They’d gathered together in Willow’s mansion for a night of fun and frolicking, and were currently trying to hand make sushi. It was going quite well, considering the number of time they’d had to cook the rice to get it exactly as sticky as it needed to be. And that Willow and Holly kept on flicking bits of rice at each other. Pearl and Amber had taken over the rolling of the sushi, leaving the others to mess around and wait for them to finish. Pearl smacked Willow’s hand away as she tried to sneak one of the ones they’d already completed.

“No one gets anything until we’re finished with all of them.”

“Okay, okay, geez.” Willow said as she retreated away, and broke some chopsticks. “But you better have that food ready soon, because me and my chopsticks won’t wait long!”

Pearl poked her.