So here we are, a little over a week until April starts, at which point A to Z (and Camp NaNoWriMo) starts as well. Today is a preparation day for then, and the big theme reveal.

Drumroll please.


Fantasy Writing!

After much umming and ahhing and an extensive spreadsheet where I tried to work out whether the topics I was considering could cover all twenty six letters, I decided that although I might have a bit more fun with a How to Train Your Dragon theme (see inspirational picture below) I would get a lot more out of doing a Fantasy Writing Theme.

So I’ll be writing about elements of writing, particularly focusing on elements that you will find in the fantasy genre. To give you a little hint, here are three of my letters.

  • B – Beats
  • M – Magic
  • W – World Building

I look forward to making lots of new blogging friends, and seeing what you all come up with for your theme. Here’s to a great April!