So, I’ve talked a lot about a certain artist, Jessica Feinberg, who had been running kickstarters of dragons books and art, and they are amazing.

However, I did miss her first kickstarter, which was called Dragon Scale. Another field guide, it lists dragon from smallest to biggest. Whilst I was on her website looking at this I discovered she had a book called Dragons in the Library.

So, of course, I had to get this.


And it is amazing.

As well as dragon scale, and the tinsey tiny deck of cards, I got this lovely book, and inside it:


Was the message “Watch out for sneaky dragons” and from inside the book feel out bookmarks, postcards and stickers! She gave me some extra stuff ^.^ I cannot tell you how happy I was.

So I now have the Lesser Green Library Drake and friends sitting on my desk at work. Because I am an (assistant) librarian, and dragon lover, so there is no better place for them.


So my love goes out to Jessica, for giving me a great little surprise in the package I ordered. It really made my week ^.^