I actually had a different post lined up for today, but the books I needed to reference when writing are packed up in boxes and I don’t know which ones. (I have like 20 boxes of books. My friend said that a good book collection should be loved until you move, at which point you should hate it with a passion. I am finding this to be very true.) So that post is going to be saved for another week, and instead, we’ll be talking about Feng Shui.

The idea from this is coming from two sources: 1) The fact that I am moving and Feng Shui is all about organising a home to maximise the good energy that flows through it. And 2) I had to go through my Bones Miniatures Kickstarter order and work out who ordered what, and I realised just how many dragon statues I am going to be getting.

9_Icons-resized-600.jpgI’m not going to get into all the details (because there is a lot of detail) but Feng Shui is all about getting good energy to flow in the home. First, you need to clear all the clutter from your house, then have good quality air and good quality light, which can be helped by having plants and lots of natural light in the home. You then apply the Bauga, or the nine divisions to your home, in a 3 by 3 grid formation. You align the lower row with the wall of the main door into your home, and then the rest of the grid tells you what part of the home falls under which category.

You can then uses colour and elements to bring out the best potential in the assigned area, like having wodden furniture in the Wealth and Family areas which are wood element, or having blue furnishings in the Knowledge section.

Statues can also be used to help Feng Shui and this is where the Dragon comes in. The Dragon is a powerful symbol of Yang, or masculine energy. There are a force which carries activity and creativity with them, and is they have a pearl held in their claw, then they are a good symbol of prosperity, power and wealth as well. The colour of the dragon can also play a big role in it’s Feng Shui function. For instance a gold dragon would further reinforce the idea of wealth and prosperity, but a green dragon would be more useful in the health part of the home.

The dragon should be placed in a high-energy area of the home, somewhere that gets a lot of traffic and where the dragon will be seen. Low energy areas, like cupboards or the bathroom, are not good for the dragon and will waste it’s powerful energies. You should also keep the dragon at eye level or lower, so that you can always see it easily. The dragon also likes open spaces, and if he does have a pearl then you should not point it towards a window or door, FENG SHUI CATEGORY Dragon Statue 13.11.09since that will let the wealth energies flow right out of the home. Dragons can be placed anywhere in the home, depending on what area you want to be prosperous, but it prefers and works best in the east of the home. Also if you want to put one in the bedroom, then it is best to pair it with a phoenix statue, a powerful Yin statue, and together they form the ultimate Feng Shui symbol of relationship bliss.

The dragon is also one of the four celestial animals, so chances are if you’re in a Feng Shui house, then you’ll see one about. Wood and ceramics ones are popular, but metal less so as it is believed that metal disrupts the flow of energy more than the less worked materials.

Hope you enjoyed that. As a note I am moving house over the weekend (We get the keys tomorrow!), so my posting may become a little erratic until we get internet sorted out in the new place. Also there may be lots of pictures. You have been warned!