55. Darkness (06/06/11)

One crack was all it took. As soon as it appeared in the holding crystal, Ashley could tap into the shadows around, pushing them into the crack, widening it, before breaking the crystal into two halves, before anyone in the room had time to blink.

A little smile came over her face as she murmured to herself, “Sorry boys, but this castle’s gotten dreary.” Before she pulled the shadows from their places and covered the entire room in them. It didn’t matter that they were vampires, no eyes could penetrate this darkness. It amused her to hear them bumbling around, trying to find her. Or the exit, she couldn’t tell which.

It had amused her that they thought that they could contain her, keep her here in this place without trouble. Well, for a time, they had been right. But, for a time, she had been content with staying in this place. After all, it did do well to know ones enemies. But now? Now she was bored, and had been away from home too long. Now she would show them what darkness really was. Vampires existed in the darkness, but she was its embodiment. Now she could show them what they were truly contending with. She smiled as she shed her mortal form into the darkness, but it was not a pleasing smile. If anyone could have seen it, they would have shuddered.