So close to the end! And I’ve managed to keep up and not drop a single day! That’s a record for me, now where’s some wood to touch….

Today I’m going to be talking about Dragon’s Wrold, which is a tablet/phone/mobile device game all about dragons: breeding news dragons and a little bit of fighting on the side.


You start off with one island (which floats in the sky, very cool) and two dragons with habitats: Fire and Earth. Then you breed the fire and earth dragon together to get a Lava Dragon!

There are eight different elements of dragons, which you unlock as you get more levels




As you might be able to tell, the raw elements, in order, are fire, earth, nature, water, air, magic, light and twilight. When you level up you have the ability to buy the common dragon eggs (common being single element) and from there you can breed your dragons in the breeding cave, the parents elements will make different hybrid elements, and you can even get three and four element dragons.

It might just be because I like dragons, but I have been having a lot of fun with this game with breeding all the possible combinations, and the fighting bits where you choose a team of three dragons and fight them agaisnt other real people’s three dragons teams. There is the classical elements are good/weak agaisnt other elements, but it’s a fairly simple table:


The table that shows all of them is a bit too large for this post, so here’s a few of my favourite dragons:

Lake (Water, Nature, Magic) – River (Water, Earth) – Tortoise (Water, Earth) – Lightning (Air, Light)