Coursework has been demonstration and the report has been handed in! Programming is done with for the term! Whoop whoop! I think I did alright. I have everything working apart from the camera bits, and I’m fine with having one things that doesn’t work, although my graphics weren’t as good as other people’s. Oh well, as long as a get a good (defining good as over 50%, its programming, I’m being slightly pessimistic/realistic) mark then I’m happy. And it’s only 40% of the module, the other 60% is the exam in the summer.

Also finally got a decent working title for my project, so I get to work on that over the christmas period, go me.

But before I pop home for christmas on monday, I get to have a couple of days of fun! This evening is the anime christmas party, with secret santa. Tomorrow I don’t have anything to do during the day, so I get to go christmas shopping or play on the Wii, or go onto campus and do the final bits of work before I go home for the holidays. Hopefully all three will occur, before the gamessoc christmas party in the evening. And then saturday can be a lazy day as I have the Coach House christmas meal and secret santa (yes, three days of parties and roasts, tis the season after all) or maybe do some more shopping, I’m not exactly sure on timings. The LARP on sunday, probably the last LARP of the year since everyone is going home early next week.

It’ll be weird at home, since both my mum and my brother are working, it’ll be all empty and weird. I still find it weird that my brother has a job and I don’t. Although that is another task for the holidays, finding myself a job and starting to apply for things! I should have started a while ago, but coursework happened, as it always does.

I need to get some tinsel I think. I feel christmasy when I get my hands on some tinsel.