Sine I’ve been working on it all afternoon, my post today is going to be about programming. The current language I am using is C++ with OpenGL for the graphics. I like C++, it’s a really nice language now that I’ve gotten used to it. Much better than Java. Although having said that, I haven’t used Java in forever, so it might just be that I’ve forgotten everything about Java.

Anyway’s, my current coursework is to create a graphical environment why you control a plane and land it on an aircraft carrier, and it’s going well apart from two problems. One is probably my fault in doing something I shouldn’t have, and the other is just weird and I have no idea why it’s acting like it is.

Programming is fun, despite how much I complain about it. Seeing your code working is very satisfying, even if I have just spent three hours screaming at my screen and contemplating throwing it out of a window, I calm right back down when the things actually works. And the code I have for my coursework right now is going to get me a pass, I’m just not sure how well of a pass, but there we go.

Favourite programming statement is a for loop. For loops are lovely, as are if statement. They are all over my code, all over it. If apple pie = lacking, add apple pie!