My housemate has started up a DnD 4th edition Eberron game, and we’ve just finished our third session, which was combat light as apparently the paladin is very good at talking our way out of situations. We have six players now, up from four in the first game as follows:

  • Me: Elven Ranger
  • Toaster: Eladrin Paladin
  • Adam: Warforged Runepriest
  • Emma: Half-Elf Cleric
  • Suzan: Changeling Rogue
  • Mark: Deava Artficer

Which is a pretty good spread of classes, if not races. All of us apart from the warforged speak Elven, so we get to have conversations behind his back. We cleared out a burrow, and found a dragon hoard, so we got some cool items, which I immediately passed over the to paladin since it worked off Charisma, and I have none whatsoever.

Went shopping for some new magical items, and then we got onto the electric train, and are now travelling to our next quest in luxury. Yay.

Also I made roast, and it was tasty.