So, last night was the gamessoc christmas party, which was awesome to hang around at (even if I did spend a lot of the evening politicking with people about requiem) but I left early which makes me sad, since a) I left early, and b) there are several Facebook status’ indicating that the waterfront was awesome as it was a silent disco and there was entertainment to be had. Oh well. Next time.

Today I am getting fed roast, my second this week. I cooked one on monday, and now it is time for presents and roast at my boyfriend’s house. I can’t wait for him to open his present, I hope he’ll like it. But yay, tasty tasty lamb, because I’m going to have so much turkey over the next few weeks I’m getting all of the red meat now. Also lamb is the tastiest meat ever.

This evening a bunch of us, and I mean a bunch of us, the number seems to be ever-growing, are going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 at the cinema – squeeee! Robert Downey Jr is awesome in Victorian London. I went and saw Sherlock Holmes 1 like three times, so I am really looking forward to this. And our friend who works at the cinema and has already seen it says that it’s awesome as well. So fun times.

My christmas shopping isn’t going as well as could have been hoped. I know what I want to get people, but I seem to be having some trouble in actually getting my hands on items. Luckily I now have the whole holiday’s, so the people still in Norwich to receive gifts will get them in the new year, and my family I have another whole week to shop for, which is good.

LARP tomorrow, and people are actually going to be turning up, huzzah! Decent turnout before we all scatter for the holidays will make me very happy, even if it will be cold as all sin. We’re starting to see snow/sleet/it’s just bloody cold and I need to wrap up warmer. To find my hoody!