Is freaking awesome. Anime Soc just had a social this evening where we took advantage of 40% off vouchers as Yo! Sushi and had a delicious evening meal. And I got a mochi free since I ordered a plate but they only had one left – go free mochi!

Other sushi that I love are maki. Fish/vegetables in rice with seaweed wrapped around it – that’s what maki is. I love cucumber and assorted fish maki, which has tuna, salmon and prawn involved. I also had yakisoba, which is noodles with vegetables and chicken. Or at least chicken yakisoba has chicken in it. The vegetable one just has vegetables.

And then there was mochi. Mochi is hard to describe, but it’s a desert with a chewy outer shell made up of hat you get leftover when you boil rice, with some sort of delicious thing stuffed inside. It’s a lot more tasty than I’ve described, especially the chocolate mochi, which is of course what I had.

So now I am full of delicious, delicious sushi, and with 40% my bank is a happy as my stomach.