I haven’t been doing a lot this week. At least it seems that way. Just took a look, and I haven’t updated in a week, so that seems like I have fallen behind in my blogging promises. Unless you count a week as sunday to sunday, in which case I can still redeem myself.

LARP business, and Fenrir Matt has stepped down as a ref, which means a ref election is in the new future, and I do intend to run, and considering that I came fifth in the last election (when four refs were elected), I think I have a pretty good chance of becoming a ref. Not saying that is what is going to happen, but there is a good chance. Not sure when the election is actually happening though. Just have to wait for them to announce it.

Work is plodding along. Got my proposal done, now I just have to work on my actual project. 6000 words isn’t too tough a target to meet in 9 weeks, right?

Housing for next year is on the lists as well at the moment. I have people to live with next year, although we don’t know if a fifth housemate will be joining us or finding his own place, but he should have an answer tonight, and then we can start to look at the right number of bedrooms in the house.

I feel like I haven’t done a lot this week. And I need to get out of the house, so I shall be going to Anime Soc tonight and talking housing and watching a film the looks to be so dreadful it’s funny, which will be nice.