Okay, I’m sorry! It’s only just turned February and I know that I have already broken my promises to update regularly. I know it’s not much of an excuse, but I have been really really apathetic lately, not wanting to do anything but sit at my computer and waste my time.

Well now I am on campus and attempting to work, and it is working. Slightly. I should have gotten up earlier. And had a smaller lunch. But there we go. Tomorrow I shall endeavour to get up at a reasonable time, go onto campus, spend the day working, go to my practical, then go home and do nothing all evening, instead of doing nothing all freaking day.

Yesterday wasn’t a total bust. Well, it was work wise, but on WoW I got the drop from the boss that we managed to kill that I wanted, which was awesome, and then I got another piece of gear with my valour points, which means that I only need two more pieces from valour points and then I am done with them!

Oops. Just went onto the uni website and found that I have an overdue library books. On the plus side I have renewed it, and this means that I have a deadline of sorts. So I shall try to have the majority (majority defined as 90% written and not edited) of my final year project done by the 16th Feb. This is a little over two weeks, so I shall be in the library most days from now until then I would think. Yay for force motivation!

I shall try to write some more creative stuff as well, as I did promise more of that. But it is a little difficult with so much work to do. As well as the dissertation (which is 6000 words. Not long for a dissertation, but I am a scientist) I will have another essay to write for the module that I am doing this term, which is going to be 3000 words. Need to motivate self harder so that I can get a decent job. Also I need to apply for more jobs, which involves writing more covering letters, which I have never done before in my life. Why is it so hard to find a decent job?