Apologies that this post is later than I intended it to be, Kick boxing wiped me out last night and I’m having trouble walking properly today.

My dragon post this weeks is going to talk about dragons of the world. I’ve mentioned before that different dragons like to live in different places around the world based on colour and breed, so I’ll be taking you through the different habitats of the world in more details, so you can find out what kinds of dragons might live near you.



So if you’ve read my early posts, you should be familiar with the different breeds and colour of Dragons. We’ll start in my home region and work east round the world.

Europe: The European dragon is obviously a habitant of this area, as is fairly obvious in the name. Europe has quite a lot of forests in the central regions as well as moutainous areas in the alps and scandanvia, which means that Green and Brown dragons are faily common inhabitants of this area as well.

Africa: Africa is one of the biggest regions of deserts, and dragons who are found of dry hot areas favour this country. Several varieties of metallic dragons favour these regions, with the rock and ground level caves to make dens in, as well as Wyvern dragon which are often seen in this area.

Asia: Home of the oriental dragons, Asian dragon are home to a lot of dragons that favour air and high places, as well as having abundant mountains and snowy areas for a wide range of different, but high altitude, homes. most wingless dragon make their home in asian countries, leading to the distinct differences in dragon in western and eastern culture. This includes Lindworms, Asian and Tibetan dragons.

IMG_20140509_174538Pacific Ocean: Although not a country, this region of the earthis active with dragon, both in the volcanic islands that help form up the ring of fire and the oceon itself. Red dragons like hot and fiery place so will often make their home on volcanic islands if they get the choice, or tropical islands if not. And the sea itself is home to blue dragons, occasionally black, who favour watery environments although black tend to prefer swamp like or jungle areas.

America: North America has a few species of dragon, although none are unique to the area, but they have several large moutain ranges which house brown and metallic dragons. Mexico and the middle parts are home to the Amphithere, the famously feathered dragon and the carribean islands are perfect for dragon that like heat and water. The south amaerica is perfect jungle country, and so is swarmed with large numbers of black and green dragons, as well as knucker dragons who used to have wings but are evolving to hunt more like snakes in the jungle environment.

Arctic: Although they can come as far south as Greenland and Iceland, white, pale blue and frost dragon perfer to be as cold as they can, so make theri home in the artic regions in ice caves and fish for food in the frozen waters. Occasionaly dragons have been spotted in the Antarctic, but they are much more common in the north.

And there, a whizz around the world. Hope you enjoyed it. What dragon do you think would live near you?