I said I was going to post about the anime we were watching, and I never did. Oops. Here it is, a little late then.

Wolf’s Rain

A series about wolves. Wolves have been extinct in the eyes of humanity for 200 years, but are actually still around, they just appear as human to the humans. The wolves are following the scent of moon flowers to try to find paradise. There are found main characters. The strong silent one, the slightly comic one, and tough city street guy, and then the kid. Also they are all male and it’s a running joke that we call it slash wolves cause it totally is.

Gundam 00

A group of people called celestial being have declared that they want war to end, and they will top anyone who instigates war with the use of there gundam, big robots with super powerful capabilities. Which is hypocritical, ending war with more fighting, but hey ho there we go. We follow the efforts of the gundams as they try to end war in the world.

The World God Only Knows

A school boy is great at getting the girl. As long as she’s digital. He’s the champion of dating games and gets tricked into signing a contract to help a demon track down and save lost souls, who have attached themselves onto girls. Now he has to use those video game skills in real life, to much hilarity since he still hates the real world.

A Certain Magical Index

A girl named Index changes Toumo life when she crashes onto his balcony. She’s part of a church that protects magic, or rather protect people from magic and has an ability called perfect memorization, which means that she can hold every word of 103,00 grimoires in her head. And remember them all. The plot is a little fast, so in five episode we’ve found out that every year Index needs to have the rest of her head that isn’t holding those grimoires cleared or she could die, but in the last episode we found out that may not be true, and the Church probably isn’t all what it seems to be.

Honey and Clover

A slice of life romance thing set in an art college. I haven’t found much plot in there, but that because I think it’s about the subtlety of romance, and how relationships grow and fade. It’s okay, nbot really my thing but not bad at all.

Madoka Magica

School girls get the chance to get thier greatest wish granted, but in return they have to battle the evil witches who spread corruption and misery everywhere. This follows the two girls who get his chance, and other magical girls, as they ahve to decide whether it is worth thier lives to get thier greatest witche, and thier battles along the way. It’s kinda dark, but good at the same time.

Panty and Stocking

Fallen (sorta) angels have to redeem themselves. Except thier powers revolve arounrd thier undergarments. Panty’s knickers turn into a gun, and Stocking’s stockings turn into swords. It’s crass, loud, hilarious and I love it. Apparently it gets a plot at some point in the near future as well. They have to kill ghosts (evil spirits) to gain heavens (golden coins) to return to heaven.

And that’s it for this year. A good collection and we voted to keep in everything, so everyone else thinks so as well, which is good.