58. Saviour (30/10/11)

Bethany was sitting in the window of her room, looking out over the grounds of the School and out to the city beyond. The sun was setting over the skyline, throwing warm colours over the entire scene.

The day’s lessons had been an odd sort. History, which was usually a fairly hit or miss subject as to whether it was interesting or not, had instead taken a turn for the weird. Professor Eilbeck had started the topic of prophecies, going over some of the more famous ones that had come true, a couple that hadn’t, and some that had yet to pass. There was one that had stuck with her all day, since she had heard it. It was one of the older ones, fairly traditional in its form. A general end of the world prophecy, thunder, lava, death and darkness. It also mentioned a saviour, one who at the end of the world would step forward and make a choice, to save the world or let it fall. She wasn’t exactly sure why this had stayed with her all day. Some of the other ones had been way more interesting, and less depressing, but she kept coming back to the saviour. Thinking about it over and over, with one question on her mind.

Does this world really need a saviour?