With one final wrench, Danna ripped the bracer’s off of her sister arm, the barbs coming out with a sickening wet ripping noise, and blood spattered across the roof.

Rose moaned, hands going to her head as she blinked furiously, the weight on her mind lifting for the first time in a month. It hurt, and her arms really hurt, but the pain was clear pain, not fogged or clouded.

Esme changed her grip from a restraining one to a supportive one. “Are you back with us?”

“I…think so.” Rose looked up at her sisters. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank us just yet, Wyatt’s still a problem.” Danna looked over to the other side of the roof, where the two young men were weaving and ducking around the older man, hampered by the need to look down.

“Go, help them.” Rose said.


“Yes. Go.”

Esme gently let her go, until she was standing on her own feet, and the two of them raced over to help the boys. Rose clutched at her arms, blood slipping through her tightly clutch fingers and it dripped from the holes the barbs had left in her arms. She shivered.

“Rose! Summon the Sentinel!” The command cracked out, familiar after these last few weeks.

“Not anymore.” Her voice was weak, squeaky. Rose took a breath in, and stood up straight. “Not anymore!” She shouted over to him.

He whirled, eyes growing wide as he saw her, her blood dripping arms, and the bracer’s he had so carefully crafting in pieces on the floor, shattered after being walked over by Esme’s metal boots. His eyes narrowed, and he drew his arm back, and then slammed something into the floor.

The flash blinded them all, Rose raising a hand to shield her eyes.

“If I can’t have you on my side, then no one else can have you either!”

Rose could barely see Wyatt through her eyelashes, but the voice was familiar. His metal arm shot out, slamming into her shoulder and forcing her back. A couple of paces and her heels hit the tiny lip on the edge of the roof, and she tumbled back over it.

“Rose!” The double scream came. The wind rushed past her ears, the edge of the roof slipping past as she desperately scrabbled for something to grab onto.

Two hands each grabbed on of her wrists, as she slammed into the side of the building, feet dangling into midair as she looked up.

Dean and Sebastien were there, side by side, each straining to keep her there, her blood now on their fingers as the struggled to keep their grips.

“Just hold our hands Rosie.”

“Don’t you dare think about falling.”