I’m one of those people who has very little idea what they’ll be doing in the next month, maybe six months, let alone in one, two or five years (it’s my most hated question in an interview).

I hope that my doctor’s appointment at lunch today goes well and we can sort out a plan for how to deal with my low iron reserves (read anemia).

Tomorrow I shall be going up to Manchester, so I hope that I have a good morning at work, and that we then make excellent time whilst traveling, since it’s going to 4-5 hour journey anyway.

I hope that I have fun this weekend in Manchester at the Spring National that I am attending.

Little over a week away from Easter break, which also involves empire, and I am so looking forward to the first event of the year.

In three months I shall be moving out of my current house and into a new one with my boyfriend, I hope that we find a nice place within our budget which is near to our friends for socializing purposes.

I hope that I will be able to renew my contract when it runs out in July, or find another job here because it’s lovely and I like my co-workers.

A dream for the future is to become a web developer, and have a job which I like and doesn’t stress me out to much and feels very fulfilling (I’m asking a lot, I know).

I dream of traveling to various places in the world, I really want to go to Yellowstone park, and I’d love to go on a tiger sanctuary tour.

I dream of becoming a published writer, this one would be really good to achieve and is probably the one closet to home at the moment, since I am working on my novel right now.


I guess I do have some dreams. I’m doing lots of little things to work towards them, but I think as long as I continue to work towards them, then that’s all good.

And that concludes this 30 Day challenge. It only took me three times as long as it should.

Next up: AtoZ in April.