A tiny bit late to the party, but oh well.

After redesigning the look of my blog last night (I like the bluey greenness of this theme, it feels nice, which isn’t to say I didn’t like rainbows, I just felt like a change) I realised that although the blog is called Princess of Dragons, and I love dragons so much, like they are my favourite thing in the world, there have been surprisingly little of them on this blog.

And thus, in honour of this, my theme for the 2014 challenge is going to be:


Ta Da!

I am having to put a list of alphabet things together at the moment though, since I have a lot of dragon topics, but quite a lot of them begin with the letter D, for some mysterious reason…

I’ve also put a picture of the week on the sidebar. This week, in continuing with the new blue green theme is a lovely drawing of a blue green dragon:


(I’m also going to try and add more media into this blog)