Seems to me that this be a blogging day!

Thought I would go through all of my followers and see what they are up to on their blogs and if I wanted to follow them back, and just get to know other blog/bloggers out there because it is a huge community, and I found Daily (w)rite at and on her blog was mentioned this A to Z challenge running in April, which just sounds like a fantastic thing to do, writing and interacting with other bloggers, I signed up immediately.

It’s also finally got me to learn how widgets work, and I must say they are useful things.

I might have a theme, I might not (I have got a week to think about it) but along with Camp NaNo, I hope to have a writing packed month.

I also hope to visit lots of blogs and find some to follow, and hope that they can follow me back! I look forward to meeting you all!

~Princess of Dragons

P.S. I found the cutest new avatar picture: