Motivation is a hard thing to come by I am finding, especially with writing. I am forcing myself to sit down each day, open up my current WIP or my current short story and just type something at least, but it doesn’t feel as good as it has done in the past.

The last time I felt really really good about my writing was NaNoWriMo last year. The proper one, not any of the camps (although Camp was okay I didn’t get the same good feeling from it). I was doing 6K plus easy, every day during that month. And now whenever I try and write something and only get 500 words or so, I always think back to that month and feel that I could be doing better, and that I know I am capable of better.

Although having said that I actually had a really good day yesterday. I’m working on the 5,000 words short for a fantasy competition, and I’m writing about dragons (you would think the subject matter would be enough to motivate me into hyper speeds, but apparently not). So I had it open, then decided to go and check on the progress for the competition that I have already entered, and there was something about it that just clicked with me and I got so excited about the competition and the potential for hearing the results (and I don’t even have a date for the results announcements) and that just translated itself into writing enthusiasm and I kicked out like 1,500 words and finished the first draft of the short. Needs editing, but I actually finished the short.

But what I guess I’m getting at is that I am really feeling the thing which I think most writers have been through – inspiration doesn’t just happen. You really do have to sit down, chain your butt to your chair, your fingers to your keyboard and just write words. You can make it good later, for now, just getting it onto paper is the important bit.

In this light, there’s a motivational poster I found that I’d like to share, which I think epitomises this.