Well, I don’t tend to miss people. But I guess there is one person that I wish I could reconnect with a little. I mean, I have her on Facebook, and things, and I was going to send her a Christmas card, but somehow it just never happens. I never send her a quick message saying hi. We were pretty damn good friends in our teenage years, but that growing apart thing happened I guess.

She was the first person I roleplayed with, so I feel like I owe her a lot because she was essentially the one who introduced me to this whole world, which is now a damn big part of my life. We each had a character, and then we would take turns to write a paragraph and we would make stories that way. She also introduced me to yu gi oh and anime. Frankly I think I have a lot to thank her for really.

But there we go, life happens. Its sad, but there we go. She seems to be doing pretty well from what I see of her Facebook status’. Also I’m not sure if she’s still into all that stuff. But I am, and I think I have her to thank for it.