Number 1: The benefit system in Britain. This had affected me and still affects quite a few people that I know. The benefits system in Britain does not work and in my opinion needs to be blown apart and then rebuilt from the ground up using a standard flat income. There are loads of studies that show it is cheaper to just give people money then it currently costs us with the way society works around poor people. Whilst it is possible to live on the amount they give you, it often has to be stretched and when they fall through and fail to give you money things really start to go tits up.

Number 2: Spiders. I don’t give a damn about how they help the ecology, I hate the damn things. I wish spiders didn’t exist. Maybe I could be nice and say no spiders in Britain. Maybe if I’m feeling really nice then no spiders larger than a two pence piece, including legs!, may live in Britain.

Number 3: Homophobia. I find it increadably sad that there are still some countries where people are put to death for loving a member of the same sex. And even at home, it’s really sad to see or hear about it. More than all the other type of discriminations and -phobia’s I wish we could eradicate this one.

Number 4: Who gets paid what. Footballvs doctors, who gets paid more and who deserves to get paid more, becuase in my opinion, it is totally the wrong way round. There are stupid amounts of money in sport (football is just the example I hear about most) and doctors and nurses save lives daily. Not to mention other public service people like teachers, firmen, police ect. Where the money is needs to change. And I bet football fans would be a lot happier to pay less for their tickets as well. (I’m not even going to mention bankers because we all have some strong opinions on them. If you are earning six/seven figute s in a year then you do not need a bonus on top)

Number 5: More nature left alone. Environmental one this one. Did you know that Britain used to be 95% forest before human came along? I’d like to see more forest come back, more nature and wildlife in the world. And the Amazon loses something like a football ground area of forest every second. That’s a bloody lot, and it’s not going to last forever. We do need to take care of the planet or we are going to screw things up even more then we have already done.

So those are my five. No world peace or world hunger solving, I’m not that kind of person. These things are personal to me, based on my opinions as a person and what I judge to be important. I like thought exercises.