57. Shut Up (30/10/11)

Natasha flipped the folder back closed, pulled away from the table and left the interrogation room. That was all very calm. Slamming the same folder down and smacking into her chair with and exasperated sigh was less so.

“That’s it. I can’t crack him.”

Chris was looking at the footage from the CCTV cameras in the room. “This is irritating.”

They continued discussing the case as Leah looked at the camera, noticed a particular object on the desk, then looked back to the camera.

“Do you mind if I have a go?” She piped up.

Natasha did a double take. Paused for a bit, thinking it over. “Sure. Go for it.”

Leah got up, and unplugged the phone from the end of the table, and took it into the interview room with her. Natasha continued to talk the case over with Chris whilst keeping half an eye of the camera screens. She didn’t really expect anything to come of this, but it was good to see how the newbie would deal with him.

After a while she noticed that Leah had put the phone down on one end of the table, and was proceeding to play cards with the suspect. It wasn’t something she’d expected, but wasn’t harmful either. The sound was turned down so she couldn’t hear what they were saying. So it did come as a shock when Leah picked up the phone and smacked the suspect round the head with it.

Natasha and Chris both ran into room, Chris pulling Leah back as to their surprise the suspect yelled, “I’ll tell you what you want, just get her away from me!”

Chris pulled Leah out the room, who didn’t resist, as Natasha took over with the suspect. Chris looked at her in disbelief as she pulled out a cigarette.

“What the hell was that?”

“He wouldn’t shut up.”