Today at university there was a career’s fair. It was quite good, and I got to talk to several companies. Some more impressive then others. The geophysical company that was there for example, was looking for graduates to work on data processing. I have no idea why they want graduates for that, so I took some of the free stuff from the table (they had nice free stuff) and left. I was more impressed with Aviva, and considering I only went to Aviva to get the bag of goodies with the free flip flops to give to the guys at the IT firm I was really imterested in, that was something impressive. But there were a couple of companies, one in particualr, which I really liked the look of, and some other people gave me websites and things to look at. Suprising most of them say that they only want applicants in March/April next year, which I thought was really late. I guess it’s only the really big companies, like those listed in the top 100, that want you to apply early, like November/December time.

I also wish I could get a part time job now. Having a little bit of extra money would be really helpful. Especially since my boyfriend’s just found a new job. Well, not especially, just seeing him get a good job makes me want one even more now. Money is nice -.-