Currently sitting in my boyfriends kitchen and there are four of us around the table, all on our laptops, and I am the only one not playing world of warcraft. Mainly because my laptop cannot handle it (four years old, it’s a granny in computer terms), but also I would need to budget properly and actually make sure I have the money to play, as I really don’t have the money at the moment.

Also since my laptop can’t play it, I would need to get a desktop that could run it. If I want a new one, that like £400 for a decent one, or a friend has a couple of old ones in has garage that I could do up again, but they would need components. Having just had a fiddle with them and opened them up to see what the heck they actually are, we think I would need some RAM and a new graphics cards to make them decent enough to run WoW. Which is like £45 for a decent graphics card, and £30 – £60 for enough RAM to be good. So still no little expense. Hopefully I can get a job, and I have found one, I just need to go and hand in the application form.

I would like to get a job over the summer, I could really use the extra income, and having a job means that I won’t have many many hours to be bored within. Also money. Money is a very good thing to have. Means that I can actually do the things I want to do without feeling guilty.

Still have one exam left to do though, but it’s still over a week away, and I have actually started to revise for it. So that should take up a lot of my hours. Even if I find revision boring, it is essential to the whole going to uni, getting a degree thing. And I do have maelstrom to look forward to as well, as well as LARP. Now that I have nothing much else to do, I am starting to miss LARP a lot more than usual, kinda wish that it was more than once a week, but hey ho. At least I can go to it most weeks. Going to be mild torture during the summer when I’m not in Norwich and can’t go.