52. See You in Hell (18/3/11)

Francesca’s magically loud voice boomed across the valley. “Attention please, especially to the advancing army. I’ve made a little miscalculation, which is going to have big consequences.”

She was standing at the top of the hill, looking down the valley that they had managed to force the army to take, to give them the tactical advantage. From here she could see all that they had brought, and all that they had summoned. Skeletons, Zombies, even a hoarder here and there. Much more than she had been able to summon, until she had miscalculated that is.

Behind her were the sounds of their own forces. Without looking she erected a hex barrier. It was a shame that they had put so much effort into this, but she couldn’t let any of them get near her. Well, actually. She just didn’t want Elise near her. That girl wouldn’t have let her hear the end of it.

Francesca laced her fingers together, stretching them out in front of her. “Right. I’ve overcast. And now I have approximately 14 minutes before I explode, and take a good portion of the landscape with me. So, let’s what kind of hell I can raise before I see you there.”

She’d always wanted to try this. Crouching down and burying her hand into the ground, she chanted a mantra as she touched all the bones buried beneath the soil. Previous battlegrounds were a marvellous area for blood mages to work in.

The ground rumbled beneath them, and then out of the side of the hill burst a dragon made of bones, followed by another one from the other side of the hill, as a hand thrust itself up from in the middle of pathway, and a construct hauled itself up from the depths. Francesca smiled. Everything would join her in Hell soon.