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Well, exactly a month since I last used this blog. Oops. In my defence, I discovered tumblr and created an IC tumblr account for my changeling character and it’s freaking awesome. And then I had work, and life stuff, and I am just a little bit lazy as well.

Easter is going alright, I didn’t go back home since I got distracted and I only had three weeks to do everything and I still haven’t done everything because everything is a lot. Stupid work. Found out that the presentation I have to give is on Monday, which is a lot sooner than I thought it would be, which is annoying. And I can’t seem to get into the groove of working today. Don’t know what it is because I’ve been doing awesome at revising all week, but today it’s just not coming to me. I have the weekend as well, but I know that I’m just wasting away today and it’s irritating, but I can’t focus and grrrrrrr.

On the plus side the gaming in my life is going very very well. The second sight mortals game has started up again and we has two sessions last week and a session tomorrow and I have my innocents game tonight. Might have to skip LARP on sunday though if I don’t progress on the presentation enough. Or just take it with me, or something. I am as obsessed as ever with changeling, and determined to lose at least a little bit of weight before the next game. If I cut out all the bad stuff I keep eating and then do some exercise then that should be a good start, and save me money as well. Sweets add up after all.

Finding a job is annoying. Need to go into Employability when term starts up again next week. Graduating. I keep thinking about it. It’s a funny thing. I don’t want the uni life to stop, but I’ve realised that my life would hugely benefit from more structure than it has now. And I do want a job after I graduate, it’s just a case of what I can find. Opened a fortune cookie the other day. It said “Your next interview will result in a job” which made me laugh. Now I just need to get an interview.

What else has been going on in April. Oh yeah, the guild has managed to kill normal-mode Deathwing and heroic mode Morchok in Dragon Soul which is sweet as (yes I am on about World of Warcraft for those of you that care).

Hmm, graduating. Still find it weird. Should probably book my robes sometime soon. Luckily my exams (the two that I do have) are spread out, one on the 4th, the other on the 22nd. So no rush, but it’ll come sooner than I would like it to I bet.

So that’s a summary of my month. Or the bits I remember. I am not good at remembering stuff after all. Well, some stuff.


Daily quests. A source of money, sometimes amusement, and a lot of grinding. Just finished one set of daily quests to get of Exodar, started the of Stormwind, Darkmoon fair finishes today which means those are off the books for another month, but still have another week of Love is in the Air quests to do, as Tol Baraad isn’t going anyway anytime soon.

For those that have no idea of what I’m on about, this is more World of Warcraft. First thing I did today after waking up was go online and complete my set of daily quests, which are as they sound, quests which you can do every day. You get to do 25 a day (not enough!) and then they refresh every day so you can repeat them. Why would you want to repeat them? reputation with different fractions mostly. You do these quests, build up reputation, and when you have enough, you can buy interesting things from that fraction. At the moment I am doing Darkmoon Fair: a festival which comes once a month which sells a bunch of minipets I’m after. Love is in the Air: the seasonal festival for valentine’s day, which I have the pet for but am trying to work up to the mount, it’s really expensive. Tol Baraad: the current pvp grounds, but I’m doing the dailies for two mounts. Argent Tournament: Old content, but you can get mounts and pets from each of the five factions, and I;ve done two of the five, just started the third.

Why do all this? Basically because I like achievements. And mini-pets. There’s an achievement for getting 100 mini-pets and a different one for getting 100 mounts. I’m on 89/100 pets and 63/100 mounts. That might sound dumb to some people, but it’s what I want to do, and it occupies me when I might otherwise be bored.

Minipets are freaking cute as well.


Okay, I’m sorry! It’s only just turned February and I know that I have already broken my promises to update regularly. I know it’s not much of an excuse, but I have been really really apathetic lately, not wanting to do anything but sit at my computer and waste my time.

Well now I am on campus and attempting to work, and it is working. Slightly. I should have gotten up earlier. And had a smaller lunch. But there we go. Tomorrow I shall endeavour to get up at a reasonable time, go onto campus, spend the day working, go to my practical, then go home and do nothing all evening, instead of doing nothing all freaking day.

Yesterday wasn’t a total bust. Well, it was work wise, but on WoW I got the drop from the boss that we managed to kill that I wanted, which was awesome, and then I got another piece of gear with my valour points, which means that I only need two more pieces from valour points and then I am done with them!

Oops. Just went onto the uni website and found that I have an overdue library books. On the plus side I have renewed it, and this means that I have a deadline of sorts. So I shall try to have the majority (majority defined as 90% written and not edited) of my final year project done by the 16th Feb. This is a little over two weeks, so I shall be in the library most days from now until then I would think. Yay for force motivation!

I shall try to write some more creative stuff as well, as I did promise more of that. But it is a little difficult with so much work to do. As well as the dissertation (which is 6000 words. Not long for a dissertation, but I am a scientist) I will have another essay to write for the module that I am doing this term, which is going to be 3000 words. Need to motivate self harder so that I can get a decent job. Also I need to apply for more jobs, which involves writing more covering letters, which I have never done before in my life. Why is it so hard to find a decent job?


End of 2011

So it’s the end of the year, and I have to say, where the hell did it go?!? Seriously, I can remember back to summer and that doesn’t seem like it was long ago at all, even though I’ve had a whole semester of university since then. Although I don’t remember the first half of the year all that well.

Quick review of the year!

January:Ā  Year of Indulgence begins! Many 101 theme challenges. First 7/8 Character in LARP. Tonsilitis.

February: More 101 theme challenges. Hot Water Bottles. 24 Hour! I vow to never do the food order again. Early morning ramblings

March: 100th Post! Anime. Mafia popularity explodes. In the Hive. Graphics 1 Coursework. Seriously – Mumps? I had my jabs! Up to 47.

April: Still ill. From Wales to Strom in short succession. 2 updates on 101 Theme Challenge, I was slipping.

May: Exam time! Filled with revision, apathy and the drive to do everything but revise. World of warcraft.

June: More Strom! Scotland! Boredom results in Cleaning! Tuna BBQ!

July: 54. Stars. Tabletops. World of Warcraft. First level 8 character in LARP, all the 7/8’s in the world. Away from Norwich, back home. Strom again.

August: Moved into a new house, lovely new house. Boyfriend in hospital. Birthday and Underwear!

September: Laziness to the extreme! Also Geology in Greece, stupid hot weather. Start of the new term, lectures, pub crawls and all the rest.

October: Illness, unproductive due to world of warcraft. Mondays are not their own fault. Unhealthy food is the best. Careers fair – eek! I’m actually growing up.

November: Anime, NaNoWriMo, writing, lots of coursework and projects, go-go-go-go!

December: Unplanned date, finished coursework, yipee! DnD on monday nights. Back home for christmas, roasts, presents and family all followed. Should have posted more this year. Will try for bi-weekly updates at the very least next year!


So here’s to a good year gone, a better one to come, and many happy returns all round!


I got taken out for a date tonight ^^ totally unplanned and done on a whim, but my boyfriend took me out to Nandos for tasty chicken and then we hopped over the road to Pizza Hut for cookie dough desert. All this was preluded by us running around the bowling alley playing arcade games and air hockey. He beat me, by one point. So I am very very happy tonight.

Before that the day was a little bland, I need to write out a new to do list to work out a priority list of what I actually need to do in the next week. It involves my graphics work, project work, shopping for christmas, cooking a roast and some other things probably. I need to write it out so I actually know what I’m doing, otherwise I might keep lying in until midday, which although is nice, isn’t all that helpful.

Also I have been sucked back into the time sink that is known as facebook games. There’s a new (ish) one called castleville, which is all about building your castle and battling the forces fo evil, which is right up my street and actually looks like it has some sort of plot, o.m.g. So yeah, sucked right back into that. I am also enjoying the new WoW patch content still, need one more dungeon to valour cap for this week, and then next week I get to buy my helm. Yay. Two more weeks after that is my chest piece, and then I stop looking like a mismatched banana. Hopefully the shoulders I need should drop by then as well.

Christmas is coming, I’ve done a little bit of shopping, but I have to write a list and see who there still is to shop for, and then find a cheap solutions to presents, as I am a student and do not have much money. Already know my new year’s resolution: budget properly!


Hmm. Where has the year gone? I remember signing up to do post a day at the beginning of the year. That didn’t happen. Oh well. Let’s see if I can blog every day for the next week. A reasonable challenge after the one I just did. Yeah, I won NaNoWriMo. Quite proud of that one. And my graphics coursework is coming along nicely, should have everything I need to work working by the time it comes around to my demonstration week 12. Project isn’t going so well, but I have all of the christmas break to work on that. Which reminds me, I need to book train tickets home.

New patch came out for WoW. I love the new content, and I have upgraded my gear so much in the past two days. So many drops and new items for points and I’m valour capped for the week already. And yes, I only expect players of wow to understand that last sentence.

I got my sleeping habits back on track finally. Now I’m waking up at like 8am every morning. It’s just weird to experience long days. I mean, it’s only half 7 now and it feels like it should be midnight or something. Guess it doesn’t help that we’re getting into the middle of winter and it’s getting dark super early now.

After doing work this morning (I don’t slack off all the time) I’ve been pointed towards some new online comics and have spent the last few hours reading through archives and have found them to be a good read. One’s called Girls with Slingshots, and the other is Grunnerkrigg court. Also Order of the Stick updated – yay!

Speaking about order of the stick I’m in a new DnD game being run by Seph. It’s fun since we stated the character together (mostly) and we have a part of teleporting. All of the paladin’s powers involve shifting in some matter, and half of mine do as well. Kiting monsters around the dungeons is so much fun.

Christmas shopping is on the list for tomorrow. Also need to search through charity shops for a couple of finishing bits for Isles of Darkness on sunday. I know, first time I’m intentionally skipping all of LARP to go do something else. LARP’s hit a bit of a rut lately, there hasn’t been any evening adventures in a few weeks now since people come for the morning but then leave in the evening for various reasons. Which is sad, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the universe likes pulling jokes on me, so if I don’t go for a week then something good will happen and it’ll all get back on track again. Either that or my shield will finally turn up in the post.

Sabbat tomorrow as well. I have stripey rainbow gloves I get to wear for Tem. Simple things like that make me ridiculously happy.


I meant to do work today. I really did. The Seph pointed out that we weren’t valour point capped for this week and then the whole day just went out of the window really. Although I did have a really nice nap, which I think will have thrown off my sleeping pattern a little, so there is still tome for work. Although not much. I might get my printer up and running again (changing the ink on my printer is horrendously difficult) but currently I’m being distracted by re-reading the entire back catalogue of xkcd. Web comics can be horrendous time sink’s I’ve realised.

I’m currently waiting to get hungry. I bought a curry for dinner and I really want to eat it, but don’t feel hungry enough for it yet.

Scratch the curry, sandwiches rock. So quick and tasty. I have tuna and egg. No, not in the same sandwich. One tuna sandwich and one egg sandwich. Tasty. Om nom nom. Now I shall go do something else. It will be equally unproductive I’m sure, but at least I won’t be bored.

Friday Night Shenanigins

This title would be way more appropriate after the pub crawl, but I promised I would post every day and this is the only point I shall get today.

We had another speed lecture today. It’s fairly revisiony stuff since we did it last year, but specifically, what we’re doing is we a re looking at transform matrixes. It’s the stuff you do when you have a shape in a coordination system and you move it (translate), rotate it, scale it or some other things like shear that don’t come up very often. Except we’re doing it in 3D, which makes it a little more complicated. We also got told our coursework, and the topic doesn’t thrill me. I liked what they did last year better. They got to model submarines. This year we have to land and airplane on an aircraft carrier. I know it’s going to be fairly similar, just changing all the models around, but dammit, I like submarines better!

Then came home and did a mixture of work and WoW. I’m currently levelling up my alt (alternative character) which is a Warlock and I’ve got her to level 13. I’m enjoying it, and also I don’t think that there is a warlock in the guild currently, which kinda make me happy. I like being the odd one out. As my main is a druid and I believe I’m the only druid unless someone has been invited into the guild without me knowing. Which could happen, I am slightly oblivious. I didn’t know we had a Shaman until they joined in on the raid on Wednesday. I’ve also worked out which raids I need to complete my gear set. It;s a fairly hard one, which is annoying, but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually >.<

Tonight – pub crawl! I get to go and sheppard the newbies from campus in a little bit, so I shall be leaving shortly. Hopefully interesting things will happen. If not, more frothing!

First Lecture

Right. I’ve realised I am bad at keeping this blog updated. Hopefully, now that it is term again, more things will be happening, and I will have constant internet access and so will be able to blog more often, and have more to blog about.

This week has been hectic, so I’ll go through it day by day.

Monday: Had to go into uni to work on some coursework from the geophysics trip to Greece. We’ve gotten all the coursework for this so I just now need to actually sit down and do some coursework. We had to finish off the bit of work we should have done on the last day, except it’d rained the night before and people’s rooms had flooded so no one had had any sleep so the lecturer’s were sensible and said we could wait until we got back to do it. And now we have two more bits to write up and hand in and two weeks to do them. Then we had a committee meeting to talk about a couple of things before socmart on Tuesday, and we decided how to actually tackle the issue of Equality and Diversity Champion. Then my boyfriend came round in the evening.

Tuesday: Socmart day! I got to dress up as Ryanne and wonder around handing out flyers to all of the new people. I then decided, though talking to various people, that I was going to run for LARP ref on sunday. Oh yeah, we’re having a LARP election on sunday, for all four ref positions. I think I have a decent chance of getting a position, considering who else is running. Then we had the icebreaker in the evening, which was awesome and I got to meet many many new awesome newbies and I really hope they stick around. Also, frothing. Frothing is awesome.

Wednesday: Spent the night at Marks’. Woke up really late, missed a lunch date with my friend (sorry!), walked into town to talk to some people in starwynn about things, went home, prepared for a committee meeting that never happened, tried to do some work, then gave up and went on WoW. Spent all evening on WoW and eventually the guild managed to complete a raid, after failing at firelands first boss we went over to do the Throne of the Four Winds. And after several attempts and failings and tryings we eventually did that one, killing all four bosses and getting guild achievements and loot. Worst bit was resto druid loot dropped, a belt, and I already had a better one >.<

Thursday: Woke up, played a bit of WoW, came onto campus for my first lecture of the new term. Speed lecture was speedy! Seriously, the lecturer talked at a hundred miles an hour. Am now sitting in the Hive with people talking about everything and anything. Will be here until anime this evening where we are going to watch Howl’s moving castle. It’s a good day, if far far too hot. Not as hot as Greece, but hotter than I would like it.

Tomorrow is the newbie pub crawl, saturday is Sabbat, and then all of the excitement on sunday with ref elections. Will hopefully have an update tomorrow. If all else fails, I’ll talk about what I’ve done in my lectures.

So yeah, I got my laptop up and running to some sort of decent playing speed (note I have not tried to go in a dungeon yet) and have started playing WoW again. It made me really happy to log on as my druid and gain some more XP on her. Also there is a new level of flying mount (as there has to be) which is 4000 gold. I’m at 3800, so off to questing I go! I also started up a new character. A worgen rogue, since I really wanted to test out worgen’s since they looked awesome, and I am really having fun throughout the starting area. Haven’t finished it yet, but I’m level 12 on her already. I’d forgotten how fast the lower levels fly past you. I’m a rogue because, well, stabbing people in the back with knives seemed like a fun option.

Also since this is the first time I’ve played cataclysm since it came out, I had to re-do all my talent trees and things. It was a little confusing as they have changed some things and now I don’t get to run around dungeons as a tree anymore, it’s a timed thing for extra bursts of healing rather than ongoing. Basically it means before I do anything big I’m going to go and revisit some of the lower level dungeons since I am horribly out of practice. Although questing hasn’t been that hard, well, would be harder if I couldn’t self heal. Self healing is awesome. Healers ftw!

So yeah, going to go and play some more WoW. Also look for a job, because I still need one of those.

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