Toothless Letter USo I had my word picked out for today, because I did have all my words picked out, but then I sat down at the key board, and tried to think of what to write on that word. And I came up blank.

So I went to an online dictionary, browsed through, found nothing satisfactory. I came home, asked my partner, tried to run with his suggestions, got nowhere.

U is a hard letter. I am undecided on what to write today.

And, whoops, there we go, accidentally found a topic.

Undecided can apply quite a lot when I am writing. Indecision is probably a better word, but we’re on a theme here. Often I will have two, or sometimes more, options for what happens next in a story, and I find it really hard to choose which one to go with. What direction do I take the story in, direction A, direction B, sleep on it and see if direction C emerges which is better?

Example: I’m editing chapter 2 of Mechanica Awakening, and I’ve got this scene on the train. I was torn between two options: cutting it or keeping it.

So what did I do? I used my soundboard.

I call him that. He’s a real person, one of my friends, and I talk to him all the time, and he is great for bouncing all my ideas off. I give him the current topic of indecision, often describing the scene and any options involved, and he give me his opinion and often helps me to choose between any options that are involved. He also proofreads stuff for me. He’s excellent.

Considering I often have quite a lot of undecided stuff in my novels, I use him a lot.

Shout out to him – he knows who he is šŸ˜›

What do other people do when they are undecided on something?