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The blood had dried and caked itself over her eye, shutting it closed. She didn’t even have the energy to force the muscles to open on the good eye. Not that it would matter, it was so dark in here that open and shut was the same.

Her stomach growled again. All she could do was wrap her skeletal arms around herself, and it hurt. There was blood on her arms as well. She was probably more covered in blood than clothing at this point.

The cell was empty. The person that she used to cling to gone, nothing since that moment when they had ripped her away, leaving her alone in this cell. No friend, no light, no food. Nothing.

She was starving. Starving for food. Starving for company. Starving to feel even the slightest breeze on her face.

It was the faintest of sounds, but in the silence she latched onto it. Just a tiny click, and a tiny squeak.

Uncurling from her prone position on the floor, she crawled over to where she knew the door was, just four feet away. Her fingers scrabbled at the edges of the iron door, and very slowly, it cracked open.

A surge filled up her throat, almost like she was going to vomit, and pushed her to her feet. She wasn’t thinking, she was acting, as something else took over, threw open the door, and pushed her feet to a run. This was her chance.



Tess stretched and yawned in the morning sun as she stood at the entrance of her cave. The morning was already half gone and there were loads of people up and about already. Over the opposite side of the canyon was the pool that they had created to supply them with fresh water. Some people were gathering it, and Tess could see the small collection of people with tubs that were used for washing.

There was a small party descending from the heights, with woven baskets around their shoulders, which would be a foraging party coming back.

A man was just sitting outside his house, with tools laid out as people brought items up to him and he fixed broken household items.

Tess leaned against the wall of the cave as she looked out over this nation that she had built. It was all the small things that were going on that brought a smile to her face. Just watching two people greet each other, or people work in teams to achieve the small daily tasks of life.

Then she spotted Darren walking up the slope to her cave, carrying a net of small berry like fruit that made a very sweet juice. She smiled even more at that. All the small things made this life worth living.

82. Beach

Tess was the first one off the longboat they had used to come ashore and the first one to feel the sand of the beach beneath her shoes. She breathed in deep, the hot air filling her lungs as she got the first breath of a new continent.

Turning back, she helped the other scouts to pull the boat up fully onto the beach so that they could start unloading the supplies they had bought with them.

Darren had a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the beating sun.

“It’s rather bare, isn’t it?”

“Have you ever seen a beach that wasn’t?”

“I’ve never really seen a beach before.” He picked up his feet and looked down at the sand. “It’s not very walkable is it. How do we expect to pitch tents?”

“You get used to it. And we’re not going to pitch here. We’re not going to be using tents in the normal sense. There’s a sort of wooded bit a little further on. It’ll be good to start with.”

Darren gave her an accusatory look. “You said that we would be able to build here. I don’t see how if what we have to build on is sand.”

Tess smiled at him. “There’s a cave system. Do you really think I would have bought an entire generation out here if I wasn’t sure of what I was doing? Give me some credit for thinking ahead.”

Darren stumbled as he tried to walk on the sand. “You can have some credit when I get off this beach.” He grumbled as he wiped sand from his face.

72. Remember When…

“I hate Tyrone. And I do not use the term hate lightly. The tale is too long to recount in its entirety, but I shall tell you some of it.

“I remember some pieces from when I was very young. I was in, well, we called it holding. It was a place where Tyrone kept people to experiment on. The powers that you see him use are only a small amount of what he can do. He has other powers, powers which are not so suitable for showing in front of his subjects.

“Occasionally he would take one person from holding, sometimes they would return, but most of the time they would not. We would hear rumours, of course, about what had happened to them. Experiments that ended in monstrosities, powers gone mad. I often hoped that they had died, it would have been kinder.

“I remember when they came for my best friend. I tried to hold onto her, but they beat me off. That’s when I got the scar by my eye. They didn’t spare the blades. I was so torn up for days.

“When I escaped I ran through most of holding. And I saw the results. The rumours were only the surface of that. And I found my friend. She was still alive, but probably worse off for it.

“All that I saw there is burn on my memory. I remember all of it. And that is why I hate him. And I will continue to do so.”

42. One Day

42. One Day (24/07/10)

Somehow, no one had bothered to ask her exactly how, Tess had gotten hold of the architects plans for the palace and lower town, marking on all the building and roads, but more importantly the sewers and the entrance to an underground system that passed right under the walls to the city.

“If I can’t get out the city the normal way, then I’m just going to have to do it an abnormal way. And since no one knows about these tunnels, I’m golden.”

“But surely people know about this if it is on the plans.” Darren protested.

“Actually this map isn’t the one the architect had.”Tess smiled at her accomplishment, “I copied his original copy and then added other maps I found on top of it. What you see here is about six different maps of the city, dating back quite a ways, hence why I don’t think anyone knows about the tunnels existence anymore.”

Darren processed the new information. “Okay, that sounds okay, unless people have re-discovered them and Tyrone has actually placed guards down there.” He sighed, then ran a hand through his hair.

“You know, I wish I could remember a time when we didn’t have to do all this sneaking round. Perhaps one day we’ll be in a place where we don’t have to.”

Tess smiled. “Why can’t one day be today?”

Darren looked startled. “What?”

“Why can’t we be in a place where we don’t have to sneak around all the time? And why do we have to wait until the big bag boss Tyrone is out of the way? The way I see it is that even when he’s gone he’ll be replaced by someone just as bad because this place is just too corrupt to be saved. I know this is a radical notion but I can’t see a reason not to just pack up and go somewhere new, and start a new civilisation afresh.”

Darren looked confused, but Tess could see him mulling over the idea in his head. “It’s an idea, but where would we even go? And when you say we you can’t mean just you and me because that would drive the both of us insane but who else would even consider the idea?”

“Who is more than you think. Come on, we’ve both talked to a lot of people in all the towns and cities we’ve been to, and quite a lot of people are just as disillusioned as we are. If my feelings are right, then I think most of our generation would go for the idea.” She paused. “As for where, it needs to be somewhere no one has ever called home before, that’s hard to get to and even harder to find naturally.”

“Up north is pretty deserted, I mean it’s quite cold but there are a lot of forests we could hide in, although with that many people, if we even get that many people because I can’t imagine most of them going for the cold north.”

“Neither can I. Which is why I wasn’t thinking of going up north. We need to get somewhere where no one wants to go or can be inclined to follow us. The Eastern Continent.”

“But that’s nothing but desert! Nothing survives out there.”

Tess’ smile twitched. “Not true. I’ve been there. Yes it is desert, mostly, but there are a fair few oasis’ once you gets past the barrenness around the shore. It’s a trek of a few days, but it is possible. And once we get there all the resources you could want are there, and nobody else would have the inclination to follow us and they wouldn’t believe they were there.”

Darren mulled over the suggestions. For quite a while. “Just say, that you convince people this is a good idea, and they want to come with you, how on earth would you get them all across the sea? It would be a logistical nightmare, you would have to think about boats, supplies, for both the ocean and the trek and then…”

Tess smiled, if Darren had accepted the idea, then they just might be able to pull this off.

13. Traitor

13. Traitor (02/02/10)

“Wanted, traitorous outlaw. Well I guess they could have found a worse picture of me, and the sum offered is quite flattering. Wanted for: crimes against the crown; traitor to the country; blah; blah; blah, blah, blah.”

“Congratulations, you’ve have now been upgraded to the level of traitor. We should hold a party.”

Tessa laughed at that, and let the flyer drop back onto the rough table. “You, know that’s not such a bad idea Darren. We should invite the local guard, maybe the king’s men as well. Hell, why not go all out and invite the big boss Tyrone himself?” She grinned at him.

“That would be interesting, and short. Do you even think you could take on that many people?”

“Won’t know until I try.” She laughed. “Ah well, I’ll just settle for some sake. Still, it is nice to be wanted so badly. It must break his heart that I never show up.”

“You do when you want to steal things of his.”

“That just lets him know I’m still thinking of him. Ah well, this puts Hazel in the stables for a bit.”

“You do let that horse roam free a lot. Does this mean you’re staying as well then?”

Tessa shrugged, “Probably, nothing interesting is happening at the moment, and going anywhere is now going to involve long detours around guards and overzealous bounty hunters. Too much of a chore.”

“Ah the price of infamy, it’s a wonder we don’t all pay it.”

Tessa stuck her tongue out at him.


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