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92. Comfort

Lara rocked the crying baby in her arms.

“Shush. There, there little one, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

The rain battered against the outside of the tent and Lara tried to calm her son down. He quietened down slightly.

“There we go, see, it’s all fine.”

Lightning flashed across the sky, and a few seconds later, the thunder rolled across the tent where they were camped and Daniel started to wail again.

“Shush.” Lara said as she rocked the babe in her arms and the tent flap was quickly pushed open. A gust of wind blew through the tent as someone came in and tried to quickly shut the tent behind them, struggling against the wind.

Lara curled up protectively around her child, trying to keep the wind off as Noah finally threaded the tent closed and stood up to brush his hood off.

“God awful weather out there.”

Lara smiled. “I know, someone in here hate it, don’t they little one.”

“Ah.” Noah came over to the pair of them. “I hear the wailing over the rain and wondered if there was a problem.”

Noah attempted to tickle the boy’s tummy but he just wailed as another crash of thunder was heard overhead.

“Shush my little one. There’s nothing to fear here. It’s just the weather.” She rocked her baby, comforting him with a mother’s natural instinct. She then smiled at Noah, “If you managed to hear him over the sound of this storm, then he must have a pair of lungs on him.”

“Has he not been straining your ears then?”

“Not really. I think he just wants some more comforting. Don’t you, don’t you.” She descended into baby voice.

88. Proud

Daniel rushed up to his mother, face alight with excitement.

“I got it mama! I got it!”

Lara opened her arms wide to embrace her son. He hit her and she swept him up and round to place a big kiss on his cheek.

“I’m so proud of you baby boy.”

“Mom! I’m not a baby anyone.”

“You’ll always be my baby boy though.” She planted another kiss on his cheek.

“Should you really be proud of him?”

Lara turned around. “Why on earth shouldn’t I be. He’s managed to sneak in to the targeted location, evade all the guard, disable a couple of traps, lifted the item he was supposed to get, and managed to get out again without alerting anyone that he was there and something was amiss.” She ruffled her young sons hair. “I think being proud of and praising something that grown adults sometimes find hard to do is something I definitely should do.”

Moran threw his hands up and shook his head. “Thieves!”

73. Lies

Christian’s mouth dropped open in shock. “You’re, part of the conclave? But they’re murdered and assassins, and all sorts of unsavoury types!”

“No! Well, not our section. We’re just thieves.” She twisted a strand of hair around her finger and got quieter. “I mean some of the other sections do other…stuff…but we’re just thieves. We don’t hurt people…”

“You lied to me! You said you were just an orphan!”

“I am an orphan!”

“You said you were helping people!”

“I do help people, just not in the way in which you interpretated that sentence when I said it1”

“What other lies have you told me? Huh?”

“Well…” Lara grimaced as she fidgeted with her hair again.

Christian threw his hands to his face, aghast. “I can’t believe this, my father is going to be furious, I’ve been hanging out with a thief. I’ve been…” the colour drained from his face. “Oh no, oh no. No no no no no.” He turned to Lara, his face distraught, and slightly angry. “You’ve been hanging out with me to get into the palace haven’t you. This is just so that you can steal from us! What better place to steal from than the palace!”

“No! I’ve been hanging out with you because I like you! That’s not a lie!”

“That’s just another lie, how could I ever believe what you said again!”

“I really, really wasn’t. The other’s don’t even know you’re the prince, they just think you’re an ordinary boy! I lied to you so that you wouldn’t think I was a bad person!”

“Too late for that now!”

45. Memory

45. Memory (6/1/11)

Riddles were never easy. But somehow they had made their way through the long list of people the oracle had said would need to go on the quest with them.

“Right, only one left.”

“Moran, can you read out the lines for us please?”

“Of course my Lord. ‘Look for the one without a past/No name or deeds to call their own/The gift comes from nothing.”

King Richard leaned back in his throne and sighed. “Each riddle more difficult than the last”

The he heard a chuckle from one side of the room, and looked over to see Lara with her head in her hands and Noah chuckling at her.

“Something I should know.”

Lara was moaning something, which people near her could just make out to be “Why me?” and Noah kept chuckling. “Can’t really be anyone else can it.” He commented at her.

“Noah!” King Richard called him sharply. “Will you please explain yourself.”

Noah put one hand over his mouth to stop his laughing as Lara raised her head up. “It’s talking about me. And I’ll tell you now, if this wasn’t so important to every human on this planet I wouldn’t go.”

Prince Christian looked very confused, as did most of the rest of the court. “How does it mean you?”

Lara sighed and leaned back in her chair, one arm flopping over the back. “Without a past. It means me as I have no memories of my childhood and early adulthood. The first memories I have are of waking up in the tent with the thieves. Lara is the name they gave me. I don’t know anything about myself beyond what I’ve got now.”

Christian frowned. “You’ve never mentioned any of this before.”

“Because usually it doesn’t bother me. Look, whatever happened in my life, I ended up half dead in a forest, and frankly, I don’t want to remember the events that could have possibly lead me up to the place. I truly don’t want to gain those memories back because they won’t hold anything for me. Now since you have your person without a past, shall we get this quest on the road?”

15. Commitment

15. Commitment (02/02/10)

Lara watched from the sidelines as Christian talked with his father, holding their sleeping son on his lap. He was still getting used to the fact that he actually had a son, although considering he hadn’t known for eight years, it was understandable.

Eventually King Richard left them to it, spotting Lara as he came through the tree-line. “Oh, Lara. How long have you been there?”

“Awhile.” She looked back at the pair of boys. “They look good together, don’t they?”

“They do.” He agreed, “You gave us a great gift, I thought that I’d never get a grandchild.”

He looked at the women who had given them, and the kingdom so much. “You could have stayed. You would have had to give up thievery, but you could have stayed.”

Lara looked at him. “I know. But I like the way I live. And I’m not kind of girl who’s able to make a commitment like that. It’s better like this. Besides, I think it would have given Moran a heart attack.” She laughed at herself, and then turned back to her own tent, “Night.”

He waved a response, and turned back to look at his descendants. “Not able to commit?” He paused, thinking the statement over, “I don’t think I can believe that.”

5. Story

5. Story (31/01/10)

“I want a story. I want a story. I want a story!” Daniel was chanting.

“If you could be patient and quiet enough you’ll get one” his mother said as she finished tucking him in. He closed his mouth immediately, but was evidently bursting at the seams, trying to contain his enthusiasm. “There. Now, what kind of a story did you want to hear tonight?”

“I wanna hear the one about the prince and the thief.” He exploded, all in a rush.

“That one? You sure do like that one.”

“It’s my favourite! Please, please, please, please, please can you tell it!”

Lara laughed, “Sure I can. It all started…”

Daniel shook his head, “No! You’re supposed to say once upon a time!”

“Alright then. Once upon a time, there was a mighty king of the land, who was loved by all his people. That king had a son, the crown prince to the kingdom, who was also much loved, for he was handsome, and kind, and generous to all the people. One day, the prince decided that he would go into the market by the palace, for he liked the noise and colours of the place. And they also did some nice food. While he was down there, he visited many stalls, talking to as many of his future subjects as he could. Just as he was turning round the corner of one of the streets,”

“There was the thief, right?”

“Are you telling the story instead of me? Well I’m out of a job then, goodnight, sleep tight.” Lara pushed herself up as if to leave. Daniel grabbed one of her arms, “No, you tell the story. I’m sorry”

She sat back down next to his bed, and ruffled his hair. “Just as the prince was rounding the corner, someone came running from the opposite direction, but they weren’t looking where they were going and ran straight into the prince, causing them both to crash to the ground. The prince was stunned, and also had a weight on top of him, so was unable to move. He could hear shouting from down the street, at which point the weight moved off him. He opened his eyes to see a girl sitting on his chest. She was looking back over her shoulder at the noise. The prince moved, and she looked back down to him. ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ she apologised, getting off him and holding out her hand. He took the hand and helped himself up, at which point there was more shouting. The girl turned her head, and then started running again. ‘Wait!’ the prince called, and caught her hand. Without really knowing why he pulled her with him, ‘This way.’ He pulled her though the alleyway’s until he was sure that they had lost the men chasing her. ‘You shouldn’t have done that your highness.’ The girl said. ‘Oh, you recognised me? It’s not surprising really. But why is it a bad thing to have helped you, they were chasing you?’

“Because the prince helped a thief escape!” Daniel cried out.

Lara smiled at her young son.

“If you don’t listen, how are you ever going to hear the end of the story?”


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