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Another one of these? Just looked down the list and there are … 5! of these days. Someone was feeling lazy when they wrote this list. Okay, so for this one you’re going to get a list of character I currently have in everything, all tabletops, live games and LARP! So get ready for a long list.

Live Games:

  • Requiem: Ryanne Hakuru – a Socialtic Deava Cronite
  • Sabbat: Tem – the Modern Vampire, Lasombra
  • Mage: Sara – Euthanatos Assassin
  • IoD Mage: Animus/ Dr Millie Sheldon – Mind Mage
  • IoD Changeling: Zephyr – Airtouched Elemental Dancer
  • GodShock: Aroona – Goddess of the Hunt and Predatory Animals
  • Echo Bazaar: Hannah – Amoral Tomb Colonist


  • Leaf (Leaves on the Breeze) – Ranger
  • Alu – Poison Scout
  • Seraphina – Invoker of Luck
  • Lily – Water Mage
  • Lady Jaine – Paladin of the Lady of the Dawn and the Newborn Sky
  • Blaize – Bringer of Fiery Justice
  • NPC – Turtle Mage!


  • Pirates Fate Game: Rose Sangria – Insane Navigator
  • Mortals: Charlie Tarburt – Gunsmith
  • DnD: Arisar – Down to Earth Ranger

This list just proves to me that I play a lot of games. No, I don’t consider this too many games. You can never have too many games.

End of 2011

So it’s the end of the year, and I have to say, where the hell did it go?!? Seriously, I can remember back to summer and that doesn’t seem like it was long ago at all, even though I’ve had a whole semester of university since then. Although I don’t remember the first half of the year all that well.

Quick review of the year!

January:  Year of Indulgence begins! Many 101 theme challenges. First 7/8 Character in LARP. Tonsilitis.

February: More 101 theme challenges. Hot Water Bottles. 24 Hour! I vow to never do the food order again. Early morning ramblings

March: 100th Post! Anime. Mafia popularity explodes. In the Hive. Graphics 1 Coursework. Seriously – Mumps? I had my jabs! Up to 47.

April: Still ill. From Wales to Strom in short succession. 2 updates on 101 Theme Challenge, I was slipping.

May: Exam time! Filled with revision, apathy and the drive to do everything but revise. World of warcraft.

June: More Strom! Scotland! Boredom results in Cleaning! Tuna BBQ!

July: 54. Stars. Tabletops. World of Warcraft. First level 8 character in LARP, all the 7/8’s in the world. Away from Norwich, back home. Strom again.

August: Moved into a new house, lovely new house. Boyfriend in hospital. Birthday and Underwear!

September: Laziness to the extreme! Also Geology in Greece, stupid hot weather. Start of the new term, lectures, pub crawls and all the rest.

October: Illness, unproductive due to world of warcraft. Mondays are not their own fault. Unhealthy food is the best. Careers fair – eek! I’m actually growing up.

November: Anime, NaNoWriMo, writing, lots of coursework and projects, go-go-go-go!

December: Unplanned date, finished coursework, yipee! DnD on monday nights. Back home for christmas, roasts, presents and family all followed. Should have posted more this year. Will try for bi-weekly updates at the very least next year!


So here’s to a good year gone, a better one to come, and many happy returns all round!


Hmm. Where has the year gone? I remember signing up to do post a day at the beginning of the year. That didn’t happen. Oh well. Let’s see if I can blog every day for the next week. A reasonable challenge after the one I just did. Yeah, I won NaNoWriMo. Quite proud of that one. And my graphics coursework is coming along nicely, should have everything I need to work working by the time it comes around to my demonstration week 12. Project isn’t going so well, but I have all of the christmas break to work on that. Which reminds me, I need to book train tickets home.

New patch came out for WoW. I love the new content, and I have upgraded my gear so much in the past two days. So many drops and new items for points and I’m valour capped for the week already. And yes, I only expect players of wow to understand that last sentence.

I got my sleeping habits back on track finally. Now I’m waking up at like 8am every morning. It’s just weird to experience long days. I mean, it’s only half 7 now and it feels like it should be midnight or something. Guess it doesn’t help that we’re getting into the middle of winter and it’s getting dark super early now.

After doing work this morning (I don’t slack off all the time) I’ve been pointed towards some new online comics and have spent the last few hours reading through archives and have found them to be a good read. One’s called Girls with Slingshots, and the other is Grunnerkrigg court. Also Order of the Stick updated – yay!

Speaking about order of the stick I’m in a new DnD game being run by Seph. It’s fun since we stated the character together (mostly) and we have a part of teleporting. All of the paladin’s powers involve shifting in some matter, and half of mine do as well. Kiting monsters around the dungeons is so much fun.

Christmas shopping is on the list for tomorrow. Also need to search through charity shops for a couple of finishing bits for Isles of Darkness on sunday. I know, first time I’m intentionally skipping all of LARP to go do something else. LARP’s hit a bit of a rut lately, there hasn’t been any evening adventures in a few weeks now since people come for the morning but then leave in the evening for various reasons. Which is sad, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the universe likes pulling jokes on me, so if I don’t go for a week then something good will happen and it’ll all get back on track again. Either that or my shield will finally turn up in the post.

Sabbat tomorrow as well. I have stripey rainbow gloves I get to wear for Tem. Simple things like that make me ridiculously happy.

Home 2

Still home. It was my dads birthday today, so we went up to reading to spend the day with him. I baked him some muffins and did them up in a pretty box with a card. I like making present. For one it’s so much cheaper than buying, and it’s really satisfying to make something and give it to someone.

We then went to see the movie Horrible Bosses, which was very funny. It’s a movie about three guys who hate their bosses and then decide that it would be better if they were all dead. Hilarity ensures.

I’ve been to the movies quite a lot lately, well, that was my third in a couple of weeks. First, Green Lanturn, then bridemaids, and no Horrible Bosses. Movies are good, and entertaining.

I bought myself a present. A very nice sourcebook by the name of Anima: Beyond Fantasy. It’s a very pretty book and the reviews of it I’ve read says it’s a really good system as well. So I get to read and play/run that at some point. Things to do things to do, and maelstrom is so close and then straight after that I have to move into my new house. Busy times!


Until lately I wasn’t in any tabletop games, which did make me somewhat sad since tabletops are such fun. But currently I am in two tabletop games – one a pirate game where all the players are girls and we make up a pirate crew and go pillage,  plunder and pirate our little black hearts out (in a fate system), and the other is a mortals game run by Dan.

The pirate game we’ve had three sessions, and it’s amazing fun, and not just because since we’re all girls (apart from the GM) we talk about thing that girls talk about, and have great fun before the game as well as during. Also rum. Lots and lots of rum. Caitlin even brought a bottle of kraken rum to last session. But in that I’m playing a navigator thief, and my flaw o “magpie eyes” keeps on coming up. Basically if it’s shiny, I want to steal it, and last game we were stealing from a Baron, and he was having a party which we wrangled invites to. Except everyone in the room was wearing expensive things and it was really hard for my character to not steal everything she saw. She didn’t, and we managed to steal the thing we were told to steal after an interesting incident with three of us and the baron in the room. With the baron and the posh one of the group naked. It was hilarious. But yes, it’s much female fun and I enjoy it very much. Next game we should have wanted sheets printed out for each of us. I’m really interested to see what my reward is. Considering the background I created for the character, I expect it to be reasonably high.

The other tabletop game I’m in, we’ve only had two sessions of, last thursday and then another on saturday, so it’s a fairly new game. It’s a world of darkness mortals game, and there are four players and Dan’s GMing. I’m playing a gunrunner, so I have my own gun shop (it’s the year 2042, and guns are legal for protection, but you can only buy 9mm pistols) and a boatload of firearms and my vice is wrath. I’m having enormous fun playing her, as the first session we all (by the power of plot!) were on the same tube (the game is set in Norwich, but it’s since become a super city with population around 12 million) and then the driver was killed (more accurately smeared across his screen) and there was a spirit killing other passengers and we had to go free its dead body. I did a lot of shooting and probably caused way more combat rounds than the GM wanted and worked out what my character can do. Oh yeah, we all stated mortals, but Dan’s given each character something slightly unusual and then hasn’t told us, so we have to find out what we can do in play. I’ve already discovered mine, since I could see the spirit we were helping/running away from before it manifested, so my character and I know that she can see things other people can. She refuses to use the word medium as she is not a lady who wears shawls and burns incense in darkened rooms.

Then the second game that we had on saturday started with us getting warned to stay away from the company who building we ended up in (the spirit’s body was in a cell in the bottom of one of their facilities, we had to break the chain connecting it to the wall to free it) by an employee, and then changed when my character got a phone call saying something had happened to my shop, so I went off to go look at that and found out that someone had been thrown through my front window. He then got up and walked away, I got a description of the attacker from some friends and they turned up again the next day and started fighting outside my shop. At which point Charlie (my character’s name) takes out her shotgun and tells them to go away. It then turned into a big fight when the big guy turned out to not be as affected by shotguns as people should be. Fast forward through armed response turning up and the big guy snapping their bosses neck 360 degrees and me going home in a bit of a mood, the other guy turns up and warns me that the big dude is a leader of a gang and is eliminating witnesses, and is coming for me. The other players then get involved when goons are sent after them as they can’t find me since I’ve gone to ground and they come round and help me and we find out after a bit that the big dude is a vampire. The little guy turns out to be a hunter hunting him. Big final battle scene, and my character refuses to be sensible and stands on top of crates shooting at all the mooks until the vampire turns up and throws her across the room. We then think he’s down, except since he’s a vampire he regenerates while I’m trying to cut his head off and dominates me into freezing and then tries to escape while the hunter’s on the floor recovering and I’m frozen. The others then give chase, I unfreeze and give chase as well, hunter still recovering. Knocked him down again, except when he gets up this time he’s out of blood and frenzies, and I’m closest. I try to flamethrower him with an aerosol can and lighter, but he’s faster and crazier than me and bites me, feeding, which makes me collapse into unconsciousness since I was pretty beaten up already, while the other players beat him up, then hunter comes round and shoves sunlight in a ball down his throat and he goes kaboom. Against significant odds, we killed a vampire. Huzzah!

So I’m really enjoying that game at the moment, and I especially love my character, since I really get into her when I’m playing her. Can’t wait for next session, although not quite sure when that’s actually going to happen.


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