So, I’ve gone from one tabletop game to four. And this is a delightful state to be in.

The existing one: Dungeons and Dragons. Ever classic, one of my very good friends who happens to be a fantastic GM is running a game for me, my partner, his partner and a friend. Four players, one massive campaign spanning levels 1 to 30. We just reached level 11, so we are officially upgrading from heroic to paragon tier.

Adara picture

Adara – D&D

Unfortunately for our character, we’re playing Cyran’s in Eberron, and the Day of Mourning has literally just occurred. That’s where we left off, with our character standing in a fort twenty miles from the border, looking back at the country as this weird, bright mist overruns the entire country. It’s going to be all of the feelings when we pick up from our break.

In that I’m playing an Ardent, which is a psionic leader class. That with a dash of cleric. I’m the parties healer, although I think I’ve been downed more than everyone else, but I am also the second defender. Sort of. Our team is a bit weird, with two hybrids, me, and a multiclassed striker. But we work really well together, and it is all of the fun.

The interim one: Star Wars. So, we hit the paragon tier, and to give the GM a little bit of time to plan out the next ten levels, we’re taking a bit of a break. From that game anyway, we like gaming too much to give it all up, so we’re keeping the same group, swapping GMs, and our friend is going to run us a short star wars campaign.

We’re still statting these people up, but we’re going to be a small crew of smugglers, and he’s letting me play a droid! I’m going to be an astromech, and you can bet that I’m downloading a sound board for all the beeps and whistles to use during the game. So we’re be taking a couple of months out to play that instead of D&D before going back to it and all the feelings.

The revival one: World of Darkness Mortals/Hunters. So, different group this time. However, this is sort of leading on from a game that I played in about four years ago? It was an innocents game, which is the same setting and rules, except you’re playing children. The GM moved away, but now he’s back, and he wanted to run a game, so me and another player that also used to be in the kiddy game decided to play our children as grown up characters.

It’s proving fun, and our characters are basically inseparable, and we had to visit the school the children went to and all the bad stuff happen and it turns out the demon from that has broken out so everything is terrible forever. My character is a lying good for nothing thief, and her partner is a completely antisocial know-a-lot. It’s a fantastic partnership. And I look forward to slowly killing all the other players as we abandon them to horrific fates.

The new one: Princess the Hopeful. So, this one had it’s character creation session last night, and I am really excited for it. Been building backstory today. One of the players from my DnD group decided he wants to run more stuff, so invited a bunch of us, and some others, to play a game. What he wasn’t expecting was everyone to pounce on it and say yes, so he’s had to split the groups. But instead of having two separate games, we’re just in mirror universes, and there’s going to be potential for crossover, which is going to be so cool.

Winged Paladin

Lana/Skye – Princess

I’m going to be playing a fighter, known in the setting as a Champion, and I’m going for a very classical knight/paladin feel, so armour, sword and shield, protecting those you love characters. In her normal life she’s a big sister/stand in mum, and I am very much looking forward to playing her since I think this game is going to be great, and the GM is loving the backstory so far, because there are a lot of things in there for him to mess with, and messing with the characters is always so much fun.

So those are all my games. The tabletop ones anyway. I’m love playing games, just for the playing of the games themselves, but also because it means that I think a lot about characters, which helps with writing, but also because it’s cooperative, and I always find it interesting to see how different people react to the same situation, and building a story together is great.

It’s been a very game intensive weekend. I barely had time for writing!