So our fridge is broken, but my letting agency is super cool and is delivering a brand new one tomorrow. And this is after I reported it not working on Monday. They really are great.

Apart from that, I’ve had a rather nice day off. Didn’t get around to watching studio ghibli films, been on Netflix instead. But I have hoovered and tidied the entire flat, dropped some stuff down at the charity shop. Been nice and relaxing. Going to kickboxing in a little. Did some colouring in. Relaxing is pretty much the word of the day over here in my little flat.

Songs. I have a weird relationship with songs that is best described as phases. I like a song, it goes on my shuffle, I listen to it in a small playlist of current songs I like, it goes off when I get bored of it. I then rediscover it some time later and it comes back on again.

So today, you get the two songs on the top of my current playlist.


  1. Fall Out Boy, Uma Thurman: Downloaded this one very recently, but I have had it on repeat for most of the time. Another thing I do with some songs is link them to the stories I write, think I’ve mentioned that before. This one is linked into the re-write of Black Dawn. The lyrics aren’t really appropriate (another song is also currently linked to it with appropriate lyrics, Taylor Swift, Bad Blood) but the beat is hella catchy and great for imagining the scenes I’ve got going on in some parts of the book.
  2. Fall Out Boy, Immortals: Yeah, Fall Out Boy is big with me at the moment. I’ve not linked this song with any story in particular, but I really do love it. It’s been on the shuffle since I went to see Big Hero Six (this is the version of the song I love, the original doesn’t get me so much) and I just love it really. Super catchy, good lyrics, great song.

Of course I have other songs on there as well. Linkin Park, Evanescence, Avicii, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Florence + Machine. Bit of a mix. But those two are top at the moment. Music is great.